1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment (KU)

1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment - KARG1 (1st Royal Artillery Regiment) is an artillery regiment in the Hæren. It currently serves in the armoured field artillery role, and is equipped with the M109A3GN self-propelled gun and BM-30 Smerch GMLRS Guided Multi Launch Rocket System. They are currently based in Rena.

1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment - KARG1
Insignia of the KARG1
Active 1990-
Country Skandinavia
Branch Hæren
Type Artillery
Size Regiment
Part of Hærens Hovedkvarter Skandinavia, HaeHV-SK
Garrison/HQ Rena
Colors Red and grey
Karl Johanson

The regiment itself was created in 2001 ater the military reform. However, it was created out of pre-existing batteries, all of which have served continuously since no later than 1855, and two of the regiment's batteries have served continuously since the 1790s in the swedish army.