2019–20 Eastern Congo offensive

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2019 Eastern Congo offensive
Part of Kivu conflict
Democratic Republic of the Congo (26 provinces) - Nord-Kivu.svg
The province affected by the conflict
Date 31 October 2019 – present
Location North Kivu Province
Result Ongoing
Flag of Zaire.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo
Allied militias:
  • Mai Mai
Islamic State

Various independent militias

Commanders and leaders
Jean-Jacques Kanyama
Gen. Leon Richard Kasonga
No centralized leadership
Units involved
DR Congo:
  • Armed Forces
  • National Police
  • Republican Guard
  • National Intelligence Agency


  • People's Defence Force
30,000 approx. 20,000
Casualties and losses
46 soldiers killed 119 killed (per government)
Civilian losses: 307 killed (per government)
410 killed (per Catholic Church)

The 2019 Eastern Congo offensive is a military operation started by the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) to clear the North Kivu province of anti-government militias. The eastern regions of the DRC have been the site of a large insurgency since the 1990s, involving more than 160 armed groups and tens of thousands of rebel fighters. On 31 October 2019, the Congolese army, working in coordination with the Ugandan People's Defence Force, began an offensive to clear the east of the remaining rebels.

By January 2020, since the start of the offensive in October, hundreds of civilians had been killed in attacks by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and the 'Central African Province' Islamic State affiliate. Civilian casualties also occurred from the Congolese army, and several soldiers were killed by civilians on one occasion in response. President Jean-Jacques Kanyama visited Goma and several other towns in the North Kivu region on November 10, 2019, and spoke FARDC commanders on the progress of the operation.