Farrajulen II of Azoz (Origo Mundi)

Farrajulen II of Azoz (1059-1107) was an Emperor of the Derigi Empire. Farrajulen II was born around the year 1059 in the northern provinces of the Mouri Empire, and claimed to be a distant descendant of Daran (-852), the so called "North Mouri Emperor", who rebelled against his brother Roneth II in the ninth century. This claim, paired with Farrajulen II's military prowess, allowed him to claim the throne of the Derigi Empire during the chaotic year 1096, when the city of Azoz was successfully sacked by the Reckoner Empire. Farrajulen II allied with fellow claimants Treeman and Prackyob the Younger and successfully retook Azoz the following year. After that victory the empire formally came to be ruled by this triumvirate, with Farrajulen II's daughter Sarai being married to Treeman in absentia, and Prackyob marrying Farrajulen II's sister, Roxanne

Farrajulen II
Emperor of the Derigi
Reign 1096-1107
Coronation March 1097
Azoz, Azoz Province
  • Lanemara
  • Gambli (Disputed)
  • Zegedali (Disputed)
  • Tahmurs II
  • Iskandar II
First Citizen
Born 1059
Northern Mouri Empire
Died 1107
Medan, Azoz province
Derigi Empire
  • Iskandar II
  • Sarai
  • Jacara
Royal house Farra-Daran
Religion Ulm religion

As emperor Farrajulen II proved to be one of the most capable leaders that the Derigi Empire produced. After retaking the city of Azoz, he defeated a Ligerian revolt in the Kingdom of Neum and the city of Jaligena, which arose in support of rival claimant Zegedali, brother of the late Emperor Yumanalun. That same year he also faced a revolt by his brother-in-law Jamshid, who successfully created the independent nation of Garania out of the Derigi Empire's western provinces. Although the Derigi-Garanian War would end with Jamshid's claim being recognized, parts of Eskaladun were retaken, and by 1100 Farrajulen II also would personally retake Medan and Teman, fully liberating Azoz province from the Reckoner or his puppet kings. He would also be associated with the figure Mahara of Azoz, who he later married, a powerful noblewoman who went on to control the city of Azoz and the Ulmian church in her own right.

Farrajulen II would successfully contend with several rival claimants, managing to defeat both Prackyob's son Tahmurs II and Treeman's adopted son Jair II through careful intrigue. The later would force him to vacate Azoz in 1102, as he feared residing in the same place as the wrothful Treeman. Despite his careful preparations, Farrajulen II died unceremoniously of sudden bout of sickness in 1107, leaving his young son Iskandar II to carry out his legacy. Despite his relatively short reign, Farrajulen II is often remembered for prolonging the Derigi Empire, ensuring that it would survive in some form for the next century.