Ghạ-bos Ceremony

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The Ghạ-bos Ceremony was ritual conducted by the semi-nomadic Surresi people when they prepared to leave their temporary village and continue to migrate further south.


The Ceremony

The ceremony was enacted through the destruction of the se-ghạvîểt, the home of the chieftain in ancient Surresi camps. Se-ghạvîểt were demolished using resin torches, used to set the frame alight, and wooden clubs, used to break down the mud walls of the se-ghạvîểt. The ritual was conducted at night. If no tree with resin, in order to create resin torches, was to be found by the night of the ceremony, the ceremony would be cancelled and the hut would not be destroyed.


The Archaeological Department of the University of Ǒve suggests that the destruction of se-ghạvîểt was seen by the ancient Surresi as a means of denying evil spirits the opportunity to invade the chieftain's heart, as entering the home of a chieftain was considered entering the chieftain's heart itself.