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Miscellaneous worldbuilding for Vjotercal.

Literature[edit source]

Prose[edit source]

Poetry[edit source]

Poem #1[edit source]

Fil'n muvasyt lukojinen
Örtagalajasolut gjulunt

Architecture[edit source]

History[edit source]

Early eruptions[edit source]

The eruption of the Ülfitajakuscatisutat (sky-eaters), the first volcanoes to form and erupt in the Satcel region, occurred sometime during the time of the dragons between 2000 OE and 4000 OE. The eruptions that took place were by far the most massive in Kimrea's history. These eruptions were what began the process in forming the characteristic topology, geology, climate, biology, and other features of the Satcel region as it is now.