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Șin Seri
Sin Seri logo 2020.svg
President Jorj Halmens
Secretary-General Alișa Térdasi (LG)
Founder Jorj Halmens
Founded November 7, 1998 (1998-11-07)
Headquarters 78 15th Street, Hartleyville, LN
Newspaper The New Perspective (de facto)
Student wing Șin Giakim
Membership  (2019) 6,750
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Șin Gea-Christian coexistence
Official colors Black
0 / 39
House of Reps
0 / 200
0 / 13
Cantonal seats
5 / 531

Șin Seri (Kalhan for "New Home") is a political party in Kalșeri. It is currently not represented in Congress, as the only Representative for the party, Grigor Kónagi, was murdered on September 9, 2020.

Șin Seri was founded in 1998 by Jorj Halmens, as the result of a merger of several Șin Gea parties. After Grigor Kónagi was elected secretary in 2001, the party gradually became a prominent critic of Christianity, capitalism and communism, and was described as "ultra-nationalist" and "neo-fascist" by detractors. Upon Kónagi's death in 2020, Alișa Térdasi, President of the Lágan section of the party, was appointed Secretary; under her term, many of Kónagi's ideals were reverted, and the party is currently undergoing a transition to liberal conservatism.

Until 2020, the party unilaterally referred to Father Lerfuan as the Perpetual President of the party.

History[edit | edit source]

Logo used from 2004 to 2020

The foundation of Șin Gea in 1995 contributed to the creation of a political force that would represent the believers; several political groups were established, some more prominent than others, but all operating on a cantonal level. The political fragmentation of the members of Șin Gea was the main factor behind the decision, taken by the several Șin Gea parties, to merge and create Șin Seri.

Secretary Jorj Halmens initially sought to have Șin Seri be a catch-all party, with intentionally vague positions on matters outside religion. This period of mandated vagueness would end in 2001, when Grigor Kónagi was nominated Secretary of the party; during his term, Șin Seri would earn mainstream prominence due to its newly-adopted strong positions, such as the rejection of Christianity. The extreme positions introduced by Kónagi caused Jorj Halmens to quit the party and create the Moderate Șin Gea Party.

With the appointment of Alișa Térdasi as Secretary, the party has announced the beginning of the "Renewal" platform, whereby the more controversial positions would be revoked. The Renewal program was approved by party members on October 11, 2020, with 2,582 votes (73.14%) for and 948 against (26.86%). Several party officials appointed by Kónagi, most notably former Party Treasurer Narái E. Ólorsi, quit the party and invited voters to boycott the vote on the Renewal program. In 2021, the Moderate Șin Gea Party merged with Șin Seri, and Jorj Halmens rejoined his former party.

Party positions[edit | edit source]

Of Grigor Kónagi's 27 points written in his 2004 program, only three were left unchanged by Alișa Térdasi's Renewal platform; thirteen were changed, and eleven were removed, either due to unfeasibility or being incompatible with the Charter.

Kónagi's 2004 program Térdasi's Renewal program
Abolish the Congress in favor of direct national referenda Favor national referenda for important matters
Break up all "too big to fail" corporations Uphold existing anti-trust laws
Foster local craftsmanship and small companies
Have the State directly monitor the national economy Uphold existing legislation
End all subsidies to the unemployed Uphold existing legislation
Establish a monthly salary cap of ħ25,000
Establish Șin Gea as the sole religion of Kalșeri Foster knwoledge of Șin Gea
Establish Kalhan as the sole language of Kalșeri Foster the usage of Kalhan in public administration
Introduce the Old Kalhan alphabet as the sole script for Kalhan Uphold existing legislation
Revert Kalhan-to-English and other such geographical name changes Uphold existing legislation
Protect the groups traditionally discriminated by Christianity Uphold existing legislation
Introduce the obligation for every able-bodied man to own at least one firearm policy deemed impractical and removed
Introduce the obligation for every able-bodied citizen to have a job policy deemed impractical and removed
Ban the construction of Christian churches Promote a line of Christian-Șin Gea coexistence
Close all Christian private schools policy deemed uncharterly and removed
Abolish the "Christian clerical élite" and seize their properties Uphold existing legislation
Abolish all affirmative action and any racial quotas Uphold existing legislation
Re-introduce capital punishment for child predators and terrorists policy deemed uncharterly and removed
Replace Christian holidays with Șin Gea celebrations Make Șin Gea celebrations bank holidays for believers
Rehabilitate Ioen Rovuan as a valiant warrior who fought for Kalșeri policy deemed impractical and removed
Condemn Saint Joseph of Lág and his acts policy deemed impractical and removed
Condemn the actions performed to Kalșeri by the British Empire policy deemed impractical and removed
End Kalșerian membership in the NATO and in the Commonwealth of Nations Support an advisory referendum on the matter
Cut all ties with the Vatican City policy deemed impractical and removed
Support self-determination Reaffirm Kalșeri's role in world politics
Ban advertisements from foreign companies policy deemed impractical and removed
Ban foreign-based fast food chains policy deemed impractical and removed

Secretaries[edit | edit source]

Name Born Died (if applicable) Nomination End of term
Jorj Halmens (1956-01-09) January 9, 1956 (age 67)
Ranojobái, TG
living November 7, 1998 March 19, 2001
Grigor Kónagi May 29, 1971
Saint-Jacques-de-Zébédée, CI
September 9, 2020(2020-09-09) (aged 49)
Eustace, LN
March 19, 2001 September 9, 2020
Alișa Térdasi (1987-04-22) April 22, 1987 (age 35)
Aitkenville, LG
living September 18, 2020 incumbent

Election results[edit | edit source]

House of Representatives elections[edit | edit source]

Election Percentage of votes (%) Votes cast House seats Seat change Secretary Majority?
2002 19,725 0.15% Failed to enter the House of Representatives - Grigor Kónagi Not in the House of Representatives
2007 45,748 0.29% Failed to enter the House of Representatives - Grigor Kónagi Not in the House of Representatives
2012 75,250 0.43%
1 / 200
1 Grigor Kónagi No
2017 93,585 0.51%
1 / 200
No change Grigor Kónagi No
2022 TBA TBA Failed to enter the House of Representatives No change Alișa Térdasi Not in the House of Representatives

Criticism and controversies[edit | edit source]

Since its inception, Șin Seri has often been described as neo-fascist by detractors due to its controversial positions. Secretary Grigor Kónagi addressed this point, stating that "[i]n a way, we could be considered fascists. There's one key difference, though: traditional fascists seek to protect the clerical élite. We seek to destroy it."

The party has also been criticized due to its logo, which is similar to the Nazi swastika and the doppelte Siegrune; the abbreviation of the name, "ȘS", is also routinely linked to the SS.

Several established parties have called for the exclusion of Șin Seri from national politics, citing its "dangerous positions" as the main reason. In 2014, the Cantonal Council of Cartier Island passed a bill that would exclude Șin Seri from the cantonal voting ballots.

Since the early 2010's, Șin Seri has also come under fire for allegedly aiding white nationalist groups and establishing itself as the bulwark for the Whites. Kónagi has rejected such allegations by publishing a tweet, which reads "Șin Seri does not, never has and will never tolerate discrimination based on skin color. Racism is not our core value."

Throughout the the mid-2010's, Șin Seri has been accused of financially aiding ISIL foreign fighters so that they could attack churches; party officials have bluntly denied any relations with the terrorist organization, and Kónagi declared that "[w]e will never support lunatics who try to destroy Kalșeri. Any alleged connection between us and ISIL is laughable and offensive." Cases of Șin Seri suing journalists for linking the party to ISIL and other terrorist organizations have been documented.

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