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1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment (KU)

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1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment - KARG1
Insignia of the KARG1
Active 1990-
Country Skandinavia
Branch Hæren
Type Artillery
Size Regiment
Part of Hærens Hovedkvarter Skandinavia, HaeHV-SK
Garrison/HQ Rena
Colors Red and grey
Karl Johanson

1. Kongelige Artilleriregiment - KARG1 (1st Royal Artillery Regiment) is an artillery regiment in the Hæren. It currently serves in the armoured field artillery role, and is equipped with the M109A3GN self-propelled gun and BM-30 Smerch GMLRS Guided Multi Launch Rocket System. They are currently based in Rena.

The regiment itself was created in 2001 ater the military reform. However, it was created out of pre-existing batteries, all of which have served continuously since no later than 1855, and two of the regiment's batteries have served continuously since the 1790s in the swedish army.