1923 Presidential Elections in Crisana

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Crisan Presidentail Elections, 1923
← 1919 28 October 1923 1928 →
Turnout 86% (2,689,515)

Vasile Lucaciu.jpg
Karl Kurt Klein.jpg
Nominee Vasile Lucaciu Vasile Goldiş Karl Kurt Klein
Home state Sătmar Arad Debrecen
Popular vote 1,646,790 943,212 86,064
Percentage 61.23% 35.07% 3.2%

1923 Crisana Pres Elections.png
Results of the 1923 presidential elections at county level

President before election

Vasile Goldiş

Elected President

Vasile Lucaciu

The presidential elections of 1923 in Crisana took place on the 28th of October 1923. The elections were a great hit to the prestige of the PRNdC, the party of Vasile Goldis, founder of Crisana, while it boosted the popularity of the Catholic Romanian Party.