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1999 Pashtun legislative election

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Pashtun legislative election, 1999

24 June 1999 2004 →
Turnout 83%

  Majority party Minority party
Party National Unity Party Republican Party of Pashtunistan
 vote 8,400,672 4,190,543
Percentage 49 24

Ruling party before election


Elected Ruling party

National Unity Party

The legislative election took place on 24 June 1999 to elect the country's Wolesi Jirga (House of the People), the lower house of the National Assembly of Pashtunistan. It was the first democratic election in the country's history, implemented with the assistance of the League of Nations about two years after the end of the civil war between the nationalists and the Taliban-aligned groups. Since a military conflict was still ongoing, the armed forces were mobilised to provide security at polling stations and prevent disruptions. The pro-monarchist National Unity Party led by Sultan Kaylani Hachemi received the plurality of the votes, with the Republican Party of Pashtunistan under Abdullah Mohammedzi coming in second. The Taliban and the former Communist Party were banned from participating.


Party Votes % Seats +/–
National Unity Party 8,400,672 49 122 New
Republican Party of Pashtunistan 4,190,543 24 60 New
Islamic Democratic Party 2,934,800 18 45 New
Other parties and independents 1,579,000 9 22 New
Invalid/blank votes
Total 17,105,015 100 249
Registered voters/turnout 20,608,452 83%
Source: Royal Election Committee of Pashtunistan