2004 Chinese presidential election

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2004 Chinese presidential election

← 2000 15 May 2004 2008 →
Registered 1,594,361,284

  Liu He, May 16, 2018.jpg Yu Zhengsheng-20170901.jpg
Nominee Ren Longyun Yang Jianjun
Party KMT Democratic
Home state Anhui Qinghai
Popular vote
Percentage 56.6% 19.2%

President before election

Ren Longyun

Elected President

Ren Longyun

The 2004 Chinese presidential election took place on 15 May 2004. It was the second election in post-Landonist China, and the first to be held under the full laws governing elections and Constitution of the Republic of China, which were passed in 2002. Incumbent President Ren Longyun was eligible to run for re-election and won outright in the first round with 56.6% of the vote.


In the 2000 election, Ren Longyun was elected the first post-Landonist president of the Republic of China. During his term China's economy resumed its massive growth rate, with over 10% GDP growth per year, and millions of Chinese were able to find jobs. China continued rapidly developing thanks to increased and more direct Anglo-American investment after the collapse of the People's Republic of China in 1999–2000. Ren Longyun also oversaw the quelling the Xinjiang insurgency by Muslim Turkic rebel groups, which had organized terrorist attacks in China. This combined to increase the incumbent president's popularity ahead of the 2004 election.

The main opposition party, the Democratic Party, criticized the brutality of government forces in Xinjiang and the moves made by the KMT to monopolize the media. Yang Jianjun ran as the party's candidate against Ren Longyun. The Landonist Party chose not to run a candidate in the election, endorsing Ren Longyun.

Electoral system[edit]

Since the adoption of the new Constitution of the ROC in 2002, the new electoral laws limited individuals to two presidential terms and stated that any Chinese between the ages of 35 and 65 could stand for election. The winner was determined by a popular vote by Chinese citizens aged 21 or older.


Candidate Party Occupation Notes
Liu He, May 16, 2018.jpg Ren Longyun Nationalist
President of the Republic of China
Yu Zhengsheng-20170901.jpg Yang Jianjun Democratic
Head of the Democratic Party
Member of Legislative Yuan for Xining's 2nd constituency
Minister of Civil Affairs
2007TaipeiITF Day1 Chun-hsiung Chang.jpg Zhang Lijiao Social Democratic
Head of the China Social Democratic Party
Director of the National Development and Reform Commission
General (ROCA) Hau Pei-tsun 陸軍上將郝柏村.jpg Lin Gaoyuan Independent
Chairman of the National Security Council
Commander of the PLA Airborne Forces


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