2008 Chinese presidential election

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2008 Chinese presidential election

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Nominee Ren Longyun Yang Jianjun
Party KMT Democratic
Home state Anhui Qinghai
Popular vote
Percentage 54.7% 18.8%

President before election

Ren Longyun

Elected President

Ren Longyun

The 2008 Chinese presidential election took place on 3 May 2008. Incumbent President Ren Longyun of the Nationalist Party (KMT) was reelected with 54.7% of the vote. The Constitution of the Republic of China that was adopted in 2002 originally limited individuals to two presidential terms, but in 2007 the Legislative Yuan added amendments that abolished term limits, allowing Ren Longyun to run again. The election was also criticized by foreign observers for irregularities.

In the days after the results were announced, large protests took place in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou by pro-democracy supporters and members of the Democratic Party. It was estimated that at least 50,000 protestors took part in the capital.


In 2004 election, Ren Longyun was easily re-elected as he was at the peak of his popularity. This popularity continued into the late 2000s as the Chinese economy continued to grow massively, which led to the Legislative Yuan proposing Additional Articles to the Constitution, among which was a modification to abolish term limits. The KMT-controlled Legislative Yuan passed the additional articles.

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