2012 Communist Party of Sierra leadership election

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2012 Communist Party of Sierra leadership election
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← 1998 March 14–18, 2012 (2012-03-14 – 2012-03-18)
Turnout 3,433

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Candidate Kenneth Morrison
Popular vote Unopposed

Chairman before election

Jack More

Elected Chairman

Kenneth Morrison

The 2012 Communist Party of Sierra leadership election was held on March 14, 2012 to choose the successor of Jack More, who had resigned in 2012 due to a legal issues in San Joaquin. The election was announced on March 2 and was schedueled for March 14 where the votes would be casted by the party's delegates and would be approaved by the Central Committee. Kenneth Morrison was the first candidate to enter into the race and eventually became the only notable candidate as no other candidates had applied for the leadership race. On March 14, Morrison gave a speech to the Central Committee and over the next four days, the members of the committee debated internally and eventually voted to approave him as Chairman of the Communist Party of Sierra on March 18 where he was sworn in that same day.

Leadership election[edit | edit source]

On March 2, Jack More had sent a letter announcing his formal resignation as Chairman of the Communist Party citing legal issues that he had ran into that he believed would inhibit his ability to continue serving as party chair and didn't want his arrest to "justify yet more illegal crackdowns on the party by the corrupt imperialist, capitalist establishment of Sierra". After his resignation was submitted, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sierra, the governing and executive body of the party, had announced that a leadership election was to be held and candidates had until March 14 to submit their applications. Requirements were to be a reigstered member of the Communist Party only and both regular members and Central Committee members were allowed to run. On March 8, Morrison announced his candidacy.

Morrison had been a prominent member of the commitee since the 1980s and served as Secretary for Media and Public Affairs since 1981 and for years was the party's official spokesperson where he defended the party and its platform on live TV, in the media, and helped campaign for communist party candidates in local, provincial and federal elections. As a result, Morrison had supporters from within the committee and was viewed as the favorite to win. From March 8 to 14, no other candidates had applied and so Morrison was to give a speech laying out his vision for the party in order to win over the support and votes of the party's delegates and members of the committee. According to party rules, in the event that a leadership race boils down to a single candidate, said candidate is to give a speech to lay out their vision for the party and to win over the support of party delegates and committee members. An internal election within the committee was held from March 15 to the 18 and concluded with Morrison winning over 95% of the vote from delegate members with 5% voting uncommitted.

Results[edit | edit source]

Morrison had won in a landslide victory due to running unopposed and won 95% of the total vote from members of the Central Committee with only 5% voting against him. Among the party's delegates, Morrison won 63.2% of the vote from the delegates with another 20.1% voting for Jack More as a write-in candidate and the remaining 16.7% of the delegates voting none of the above. Afterward the election, Jack More sent a letter congraduating Morrison for being elected the party's chairman.