2015 American Parliament election in Greenland

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The 2015 American Parliament election in Greenland was held on 18 May 2015, to elect the members of the 11th Greenlandic delegation to the American Parliament, as part of the transnational elections across the member states of the Conference of American States (CAS). A total of 7 MAPs were elected in four Greenlandic regional constituencies.

Electoral system[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Greenland has seven seats allocated to it in the American Parliament and elections occur in three single-member constituencies and one four-member constituency. In the three single-member regions, Members of the American Parliament (MAPs) are elected using proportional representation. In the Godthåb constituency, party-list proportional representation is used to elect the four MAPs assigned for the region.

Parties and leaders[edit | edit source]

Outgoing MAPs[edit | edit source]

Regional constituency MAP(s) Inhabitants
Godthåb (4) Christian Bojsen-Møller (DKF)
Valdemar Hald (DKF)
Sigurd Egede (SD)
Bjarne Grindvold (SD)
West Greenland (1) Jonas Liebert (DKF) 27,945
East Greenland (1) Ernst Fredriksen (DKF) 16,652
North Greenland (1) Reidar Føyen (DKF) 972

Summary of parties[edit | edit source]

Party Main ideology American
Conservative People's Party National conservatism ACC
5 / 7
Social Democratic Party Social democracy SDA
2 / 7

Results[edit | edit source]

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