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2016 Pacífican General Election

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Pacífican General Election, 2016
← 2012 October 1st, 2016 2020 →
Turnout 32,453,213

  Kennedy Jackson.jpg Alberto de Sol.jpg Julia Roberts-Patterson.jpg
Nominee Kennedy Jackson Alberto de Sol Julia Roberts-Patterson
Party Conservative Social Democratic Labor
Running mate Robert Jameson David Lockmeade Jacob Royce
Popular vote 15,415,276 16,843,217 1,752,473
Percentage 47.5% 51.9% 5.4%

Prime Minister election results. Red denotes states won by De Sol, Navy Blue denotes the states won by Jackson, and Dark Red denotes the state (San Francisco) won by Roberts-Patterson.

Prime Minister of Pacífica before election

Steven J. Kennedy

Elected Prime Minister of Pacífica

Alberto de Sol
Social Democratic

The 2016 Pacífican General Election was the 43rd general election in the Kingdom of Pacífica. The election took place on October 1st, 2016. The election took place nationwide in all 48 states of the Kingdom. The Social Democratic Party's nominee, House Deputy Alberto de Sol and his running mate, former Governor of West Phoenix, David Lockmeade were able to defeat their main opponent, former Conservative House Deputy Kennedy Jackson of Inland Valley and her running mate, Evangelical pastor Robert Jameson. De Sol also defeated Julia Roberts-Patterson of the Labor Party and Jackson Creed of the National Reform Party.

The election was centered on the issues of social injustice, rising unemployment and healthcare costs, public education reform, military deployment and spending, and climate change. The de Sol campaign promoted a staunchly progressive and social liberal agenda, promising social equality and lower healthcare costs, while the Jackson campaign promoted a conservative and traditionalist agenda, promising to end unemployment and ending Pacífican involvement in the War in the Middle East.

Along with the election of the Prime Minister, the 2016 General Election saw all seats in both houses of His Majesty's Parliament up for election. The Social Democratic Party was able to retain their majority in both the House of Deputies and His Majesty's Senate and later on entered a governing coalition with the Labor Party. The election also saw the National Reform Party win four seats, entering the House of Deputies for the first time.


According to Section II, Article I of the Constitution of Pacífica, it states that the Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Pacífica must be a Pacífican citizen (any non-natural born Pacíficans must be residents for at least ten years), 30 years old or older, and have a clean legal record. Candidates for the offices of Prime Minister and Deputy Minister usually seek the nomination from the two major parties (the Social Democratic Party and the Conservative Party) or a minor party, however candidates are not required to be apart of a political party. Most political parties hold a primary election to determine the party's choice for Prime Minister, but sometimes parties do not hold primaries if a candidate runs unopposed, which is usually the case for incumbent candidates.

According to Section III, Article I of the Constitution of Pacífica, the Office of the Prime Minister is directly voted by registered voters. To become Prime Minister, a candidate must obtain more than 50% of the vote. In the event that no candidate gets above 50% of the vote, His Majesty's Senate convenes in an emergency session and elects a Prime Minister out of the top three candidates. In the event that the His Majesty's Senate is unable to elect a Prime Minister, a special election is scheduled for the October of the next year.

Incumbent Prime Minister, Steven J. Kennedy, a Conservative and former Senator for West Denver, was eligible for re-election, but chose not to, keeping his promise of "no re-elections" that he made during the 2012 Pacífican General Election.

Party Nominations


Conservative Party
2016 Conservative Party ticket
Kennedy Jackson Robert Jameson
for Prime Minister for Deputy Minister
Kennedy Jackson.jpg
Robert Jameson.jpg
Federal Deputy for Inland Valley
Evangelical Pastor and Head of the Evangelical Christian Association

Former Candidates

Social Democratic

Social Democratic Party
2016 Social Democratic ticket
Alberto de Sol David Lockmeade
for Prime Minister for Deputy Minister
Alberto de Sol.jpg
David Lockmeade.jpg
Federal Deputy for Angeles
Governor of West Phoenix|

Former Candidates

Third parties


Executive results

Legislative results