2020 Armenian-Arab Riot

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2020 Armenian-Arab Riot
Part of Anti-Arab Millet Campaign
Gerishkhum burn Arab house.jpg
Gerishkhum burns an Arab house
Location Eastern portions of Mısır Vilayet
Date March 11, 2020-present
Attack type
Mass Shooting
Deaths 49
Injured 88
Perpetrator Gerishkhum (Գերիշխում)
Assailants FM Armenyan and co-conspirators
Motive Armenian Supremacy


Following, the proposal to establish the financially weaker Arabs as a new Millet, the Gerishkhum comprising of opposing youth leaders and political Armenians design a plan to stop the proposal from being accepted. However, when the bill was passed; they took to arms to stop the presumed loss of power.

Gerishkhum Propoganda Poster


March 11[edit]

In revenge of possibly losing power to Arabs, FM Armenyan open fires at a Bazaar, killing 20 Arabs.

This provocation cost lives of 22 people on the first day.

March 12[edit]

Armenians rescued and transported towards Gazioğlu as temporary measure towards their protection. Gerishkhum burn the houses of soldiers of presumed Arab origin. Loyalist Armenians enlist voluntarily to fight the Gerishkhum.

March 13[edit]

March 14[edit]

Gerishkhum assassinate Necip Mahfuz, the Arab novelist who had sent a letter of request for the Arab Millet Proposal.

Gerishkhum assassinated Nobel Prize winner Necip Mahfuz.

March 15[edit]


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International community[edit]



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