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2020 Keiwasta's 1st congressional riding special election

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2020 Keiwasta's 1st congressional riding special election

← 2018 February 4, 2020 2020 →

Party Conservative Democratic Social Republican

Representative before election

James Brand
Conservative Democratic

Elected Representative


A special election to the Alcenian House of Commons for Keiwasta's 1st congressional riding will be held on February 4, 2020, following the death of representative and Praetor of Congress James K. Brand on December 17, 2019. Primaries for the Conservative Democratic and Social Republican parties will be held on January 14, 2020 and the New Labor Party will hold its primary on January 17. A total of eight candidates have declared their intentions to seek their party's respective nominations. This will be the first election where the New Labor Party has fielded candidates for federal office since the party's formation in February 2019. The winner of the election will serve out the remainder of Brand's term, set to expire January 3, 2021. This means there will be a second election nine months later on November 3, 2020.

The riding is one of two that represent the city of Burkabe, the capital of Keiwasta.


Conservative Democratic

  • Maya Eaton, attorney
  • Josh Harford, member of the Keiwasta Parliament
  • Justin Meléndez, host of The Right Night Show
  • James Shaw, investor and businessman


Date(s) administered Eaton Harford Meléndez
December 20, 2019 39% 35% 24%
December 26, 2019 43% 37% 18%
December 30, 2019 45% 36% 18%
January 2, 2020 46% 37% 12%

Social Republican

  • Peter Boehler, member of the Keiwasta Parliament
  • Kevin Rowe, former Mayor of Burkabe and member of the Keiwasta Parliament
  • Scott Foster, community organizer
  • Brock Pham, YouTube personality


Date(s) administered Boehler Rowe
December 20, 2019 67% 32%
December 26, 2019 69% 30%
December 30, 2019 65% 34%
January 2, 2020 66% 33%

New Labor

  • Christie Benítez, activist


Date(s) administered Benítez Other/Undecided
January 2, 2020 89% 11%


Conservative Democratic


Maya Eaton

  • Calixta Nicolas, Senator from Keiwasta and Majority Leader
  • Leonard Seabrooke, Member of the House of Commons, KW-4
  • Gretchen Klossner, Member of the House of Commons, KW-9

Josh Harford

  • Holden Beck, Vice-President of Alcenia
  • Stone Hext, political consultant

Social Republican


Peter Boehler

  • Noah Spencer, 22nd President of Alcenia
  • Rudolph Power, Senator from Keiwasta
  • Harold Snyders, Member of the House of Commons, KW-2
  • Dominic Street, Member of the House of Commons, KW-3

Kevin Rowe

  • Tyrell Johns, progressive commentator



Source Ranking As of
Alcenian Journal Solid SR December 18, 2019
APP Lean SR December 18, 2019
Jurasek Predicts Lean SR December 18, 2019


Date(s) administered SRP CDP NLP
December 20, 2019 54% 43% 3%
December 26, 2019 50% 45% 5%
December 30, 2019 48% 44% 8%
January 2, 2020 49% 45% 6%