2020 Sierran Senate elections

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2020 Sierran Senate elections

← 2018 May 1, 2020 2021 →

26 of the 76 regular seats (Class 1) in the Sierran Senate
(and 13 at-large commissioned senators)

63 seats needed for a majority
Registered 38,938,027
Turnout 29,444,143

  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Henry-cuellar-politicians-photo-1.jpg Official portrait of Ben Lake crop 2.jpg London Breed (1).jpg
Leader Marcus Gutierrez Malcolm Siegel Paris Stride
Party Royalist Democratic-Republican Social Democrats
Leader since October 18, 2017 October 16, 2018 May 6, 2016
Leader's seat Washumko Flagstaff San Francisco
Last election 55 43 8
Seats before 51 47 10
Seats after 30 45 25
Seat change Decrease 21 Decrease 2 Increase 15
Popular vote 9,881,454 10,744,167 2,973,858
Percentage 33.56% 36.49% 10.01%
Swing Decrease 17.89 pp Decrease 3.11 pp Increase 0.50%
Seats up 8 11 0
Races won 8 9 2

2020 Sierran Senate election map.svg
Results of the 2020 Sierran Senate elections:
     Royalist hold      Democratic-Republican hold
     Libertarian hold      Social Democratic gain      Christian Democratic gain
     Green hold      Hawaiian Sovereignty hold      No election

Majority Leader before election

Marcus Gutierrez

Elected Majority Leader

Malcolm Siegel

The 2020 Sierran Senate elections were held on Friday, May 1, 2020. 26 of the 76 regular seats of the Senate were contested while 13 at-large commissioned senators were also conditionally contested, based on the results of the concurrent House elections. The winners, aside from the at-large commissioned senators, were elected to approximately six-year terms, with the 66th Parliament.

The Democratic-Republicans had eleven seats up for election along with eight Royalists and only one Libertarian seat, mostly within Federal Sierra, while four out of six seats within the Areas of the Deseret were up for election as well. Despite losing two seats, the Democratic-Republicans largely emerged victorious with the party holding 45 out of the original 47 seats they had previously while the Royalists suffered major losses in the Deseret and in both Eureka and the Inland Empire to the Christian Democratic Party who won a major political upset at the expense of the Royalists in a fashion similar to the party's victories in the concurrent elections in the House of Commons. The Social Democrats had managed to make major gains as well gaining two seats from the Democratic-Republicans in the Gold Coast and Kamehameha and also won a majority of commisioned senator seats alongside the Christian Democrats.

The Democratic-Republicans were able to regain control within the Senate with Malcolm Siegel becoming the new Majority Leader and agreeing to participate in the coalition government lead by Social Democrat Prime Minister Susan Kwon.

Partisan composition[edit | edit source]

Among the seats up for election, 51 were Royalist, 47 were Democratic-Republican, and 10 were Social Democratic. For this election cycle, no independent held a seat in the Senate. Two senators, one from Gold Coast and another from Clark were appointed by their respected governors and were running in their first election for their position.

The map was widely characterized as extremely unfavorable for the Royalists, who had to defend their seats from the rising Christian Democrats. The Democratic-Republicans and Social Democrats were expected to come out on top this election cycle, however the decreasing popularity of the Democratic-Republican Party would jeopardize a possible majority. The 2020 election cycle was the first election cycle since the 2002 in which any incumbent from the non-governing party lost re-election.

Results summary[edit | edit source]

25 45 30 9 6 6 2 2
Social Democrat Democratic-Republican Royalist Christian Democrat Libert. Green H I
Party Votes Seats
Democratic-Republican 10,744,167
45 / 125 (36%)
Royalist 9,881,454
30 / 125 (24%)
Social Democrats 2,973,858
25 / 125 (20%)

Senate of Sierra (2020-25).svg

Change in composition[edit | edit source]

Before the elections[edit | edit source]

After the federal elections[edit | edit source]

Race summary[edit | edit source]

PSA Incumbent Results Candidates
Senator Party Electoral history
Apache Amber Shelley Democratic-Republican 2008
Incumbent re-elected Green tickYAmber Shelley (Democratic-Republican) 51.9%
Cerys Bradley (Royalist) 37.2%
Trent Lewis (Libertarian) 11.0%
Central Valley Joaquin Nunes Democratic-Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Joaquin Nunes (Democratic-Republican) 55.3%
Connor Taylor (Royalist)
Waylen Strong (Christian Democratic)
Clark Nick Hughs Royalist 2002
Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Nick Hughs (Royalist) 37.56%
Alfie Russell (Christian Democrat) 36.28%
Evan Wells (Democratic-Republican) 25.23%
Emery Sam Gill Royalist 2008
Incumbent lost re-election
New senator election
Christian Democrat gain
Green tickY Antonio Delgado (Christian Democrat) 49.2%
Sam Gill (Royalist) 39.3%
TBA (Democratic-Republican)
Eureka Thomas Harvey Royalist 1998
Incumbent lost re-election
New senator elected
Christian Democrat gain
Green tickY Finley Parker (Christian Democrat) 45.5%
Thomas Harvey 38.6% (Royalist)
George Candon (Democratic-Republican) TBA%
Gold Coast Charles Pearson Democratic-Republican 1998
Incumbent lost re-election
New senator election
Social Democrat gain
Green tickY Christopher Chu (Social Democrat) 41.20%
Charles Pearson (Democratic-Republican) 40.10%
Nola Irwin (Royalist) 17.3%
Inland Empire Antonio Suarez Royalist 2002
Incumbent lost re-election
New senator election
Christian Democratic gain
Green tickY Harriet Barry (Christian Democrat) 39.48%
Antonio Suarez (Royalist) 39.36%
Hassan Finch (Democratic-Republican) 21.16%
Iron Wilford Dehlin Royalist 2006 (special)
Incumbent lost re-election
New senator election
Christian Democratic gain
Green tickY Isaac Kurr (Christian Democrat) 41.8%
Wilford Dehlin (Royalist/People's) 33.6%
Calvin Bowers (DRPS/Honeybee) 24.6%
Kamehameha Nasir Osborn Democratic-Republican 2008
Incumbent lost-relection
New senator elected
Social Democrat gain
Green tickY Alijah Flowers (Social Democrat) 50.5%
Nasir Osborn (Democratic-Republican) 45.3%
TBA (Libertarian)
Kings Jack Hoffman Royalist 2014 Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Jack Hoffman (Royalist) 41.1%
Alexander Wright (Christian Democratic) 34.2%
Arold Fauci (Democratic-Republican) 23.7%
Maricopa Anthony Guzman Royalist 2012 (special)
Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Anthony Guzman (Royalist) 43.5%
TBA (Democratic-Republican)
TBA (Social Democrat)
Plumas Gustaff Meeuwis Democratic-Republican 2010 (special)
Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Gustaff Meeuwis (Democratic-Republican)
TBA (Green)
TBA (Royalist)
San Joaquin Nathan Ross Democratic-Republican 2018 (special) Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Nathan Ross (Democratic-Republican) 44.7%
TBA (Social Democrat) 37.2%
TBA (Christian Democrat)
Shasta Alice Waters Green 2008
Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Alice Waters (Green) 47.2%
TBA (Democratic-Republican)
TBA (Royalist)
Sonora Alvin Johnston Libertarian 2006 (special)
Incumbent re-elected Green tickY Alvin Johnston (Libertarian) 47.2%
TBA (Christian Democrat)
TBA (Democratic-Republican)

Closest races[edit | edit source]

Province Winner Margin
Inland Empire Christian Democratic (flip) 0.12%
Clark Royalist (hold) 1.28%
Gold Coast Social Democrats (flip) 1.10%
Zion Christian Democrats (flip) 3.12%

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