2020 Spanish presidential election

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2020 Spanish presidential election

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  Presidente José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero - La Moncloa 2011.jpg (Pío García-Escudero) AACU4015 2018 (41536086810) (cropped).jpg
Nominee Santiago Morales Vincent Marcelo
Party Democratic Socialist Democratic Union
Home state Madrid Capital Community Spanish Morocco

Incumbent President

Santiago Morales
Democratic Socialist

The 2020 Spanish presidential election will be the 5th presidential election in the Third Spanish Republic. The election will take place on October 30th, 2020, however, there is a significant push to postpone the election until December due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Voters will vote on which candidate they want to be president, with the candidate winning the majority of the vote being elected to the position. If no candidate is able to secure a majority of the vote, a special runoff election will take place a week later, with the top two candidates competing. In this election, the Spanish electorate will choose to re-elected incumbent president Santiago Morales or elect a new president.



Opinion polling[edit]