2020 Thelen attack

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2020 Thelen attack
Location Thelen, Vellonia, Alcenia
Date February 23, 2020
After 08:00 (UTC -7)
Target City of Thelen; communication infrastructure
Attack type
Mass sabotage
Weapons Unknown
Deaths 6
Injured Unknown
Perpetrators Unknown
Motive Unknown

On February 23, 2020, beginning at around 08:00 local time, the city of Thelen, Vellonia experienced a massive outage of nearly all of its communication infrastructure including internet, phone (landline, VOIP, and mobile), and radio. The outage affected approximately 500,000 people and left law enforcement and first responders unable to communicate with their respective departments or each other. Initially it was believed a major equipment failure had occurred but by 18:00 it became apparent sabotage was the cause of the outage. Several fiber optic cables had been intentionally snapped, cable boxes had been tampered with, and signal jammers had been placed near radio towers to disrupt communication. The person or persons responsible for the sabotage, or their motives, is not currently known.

Jason Calutta, the Mayor of Thelen, declared a state of emergency once it became apparent the outage was not an accident. He also requested the assistance of the Vellonia National Guard after reports of looting and unrest began to come in, due to the lack of any police or fire response. By 23:00 local time, radio communication had been restored and phone and internet lines were reconnected an hour later. At least 6 deaths have been attributed as a direct result of the outage. Around 5,000 businesses were forced to close early and it has been estimated that the outage has, so far, cost around $60 million in lost revenue, emergency repairs, property damage, and more. The National Police Bureau announced an investigation by midnight February 24 and said the incident was being treated as an act of terrorism. Provisional measures aimed to protect communication infrastructure in Thelen and other major cities have been implemented, including regular patrols around critical points, new surveilance cameras, and increased awareness among neighborhood watch groups.

As of February 24, authorities have stated they do not believe this attack is related to the bombing that occurred in La Casa Caliente only three weeks earlier.


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