2020 insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia

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Insurgency in Macedonia
Date15 January 2020 – present
Result Ongoing
 Macedonia National Liberation Army
Commanders and leaders
Flag of North Macedonia.svg Vladimir Stamboliski
Prime Minister
Flag of North Macedonia.svg Vladko Ivanov
Army Chief of Staff
Flag of North Macedonia.svg Ljuben Andrevski
Minister of Defence
Ali Ahmeti
Casualties and losses
54 soldiers killed 82 militants killed
Civilian casualties: 31 killed

The insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia began on January 15, 2020, a day after the 2020 Macedonian coup d'état, in which the elected government was overthrown and replaced by a military regime headed by Vladimir Stamboliski. The new government was accused of violating the 2001 Ohrid Agreement by Albanian political parties, threatening the rights of the country's Albanian minority, and for suspending the Assembly of the Republic, replacing it with a military council. On January 15, militants claiming to be part of the National Liberation Army (NLA) seized control of government buildings in the western towns of Tetovo, Debar, and Gostivar, stating that they wanted their own state. Prime Minister Stamboliski proclaimed the start of an anti-terrorist operation against the NLA.