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ARC 31 of the 5th Armoured Cie Mariana (Queen's Dragoons)

The ARC 30 (also Overstars ARC 30) is an infantry fighting vehicle produced by ARC Industries of Mariana and Overstars of Sierra. Development of the ARC 30 began in 1980, with a prototype model delivered to the Sierran Crown Armed Forces in April 1984 and a second updated one to the Marianan Royal Guard in February 1985. The first production model was made in late 1988, with general production commencing March 1989. An updated variant, the ARC 31, was introduced in 1997, with upgraded armour, more powerful engine and a turret configuration for an available newly-made 55mm mortar.

Development[edit | edit source]

Early development[edit | edit source]

Designs for an anti-tank fighting vehicle were begun by ARC Industries, a French-Marianan company based in Sint-Hendrikstad, in late 1979. Eventually after several months Sierran company Overstars became interested in licensing or helping develop the model, which was agreed upon by ARC as they were searching for partners to develop it an lower costs.


Production[edit | edit source]

In November and December 1988, Overmars produced three models, which entered early service with the Sierran Army in February. Main production began in March 1989, with these models having better antennas. Between 1989 and 1997 154 models were produced: Overmars produced 96 models, and ARC produced 58.

ARC 31[edit | edit source]

Almost immediately after first delivery, ARC began working on developments to improve the 30. Between 1997 and 2002 66 Overstars 31s were made and 20 ARC 31s were made, with Portugal being the first to purchase the 31s.

Operational history[edit | edit source]

Sierra[edit | edit source]

The first ARC 30s were deliviered to the Sierran Army in August 1989.

In 2002 they purchased 66 Overstars 31 models, replacing all but 5 Overstars 30 by 2003, which were sold to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Mariana[edit | edit source]

Mariana purchased eight models in 1989, produced in Mariana. These were in use until 2004, when it was decided to completely replace them with ARC 31s. The Royal Guard purchased 9 models.

Operators[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of Sierra.png Sierran Army: 82 Overstars 30 (1989-2003), 66 Overstars 31
  • Flag of Mariana.png Royal Guard: 8 ARC 30 (1989-2004), 9 ARC 31
  • Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Army: 22 ARC 30 (1992-2008), 11 ARC 31 (2000-)
  • Poland-Lithuania Flag.svg Polish-Lithuanian Army: 34 ARC 30 (1993-)
  • Flag of Chile.svg Chilean Army: 8 ARC 30 (1995-)
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabian Army: 67 Overstars 30 (2003-)
  • Flag of United Arab Emirates.svg UAE Army: 10 Overstars 30 (2003-)

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • 6570mm length, 2515mm width
  • Main armament: 30mm mauser
  • Secondary armament: 1x 7.62mm machine gun
  • Engine: Overstars 11 liter 485 hp V8 diesel (ARC 30)/11.7 liter 517 hp V8 diesel (ARC 31)
  • Top speed: 57 km/h (ARC 30)/65 km/h (ARC 31)
  • Crew 3+8 men (1 driver, 1 gunner, 1 commander, 8 passengers)