Ad Struthio

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For the organization itself, see Ad Struthio (Organization)

Ad Struthio (literally For the Ostrich) is a constructed world whose namesake is from the organization Ad Struthio, founded by British Elite during the scramble for Africa just before the turn of the twentieth century. The world is supposed to be a dystopian alternate reality that diverges from our real timeline around 1893, and incorporates mostly alternate reality and some science-fiction come the late 2020's and early 2030's. There is an overlap of our world and the world of Ad Struthio, and many historical figures and organizations that actually exist or have existed are in the world. The world of Ad Struthio is designed to be silly on the surface and more horrifying the further one reads into it and as time goes on, and is supposed to instill a sense of "could this be our reality right now?"