Ad Struthio (Organization)

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For the meta page, see Ad Struthio

Logo of Ad Struthio, stylized as a Signum manus

Ad Struthio, (literally "For The Ostrich") is an organization founded by members of the British Elite ca. 1893. The organization was initially and briefly founded to achieve alternate means to spiritual enlightenment via the worship of ostriches, but was soon utilized as a networking platform that, throughout the ensuing decades, would have members from the social and business elite all around the world, including many world leaders. The organization's prime objective, started during the apex of Progressivism in 1912, is to slowly co-opt world power structures discreetly to usher in a new world order with top members of Ad Struthio as the head of an authoritarian one world government.


During the Scramble For Africa during the late 19th century, the British South Africa Company embarked on a search for resources in the southern part of the African continent, and prospectors found gold and gems in the Mashonaland (present day northern Zimbabwe). With backing by the British government, the land was granted to the charter-holder Cecil Rhodes (namesake of Rhodesia years later).