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Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

The administrative divisions of Sierra are organized within the context of its federal constitutional monarchical government, under the penumbra of the Kingdom of Sierra and its Charter. Territorial-wise, Sierra is composed of 23 provinces, 14 territories, and 2 crown dependencies. Sierra itself, as a whole unit, is a constituent country of the Kingdom, sharing equal status with two other autonomous constituent countries: the Deseret and Hawaii.

In federal Sierra, the government's power and responsibility is organized, shared, and divided into three main levels: the federal, the provincial, and the local (often further divided into the county and municipal governments).

There are explicit constitutional provisions concerning the territorial organization of Sierra although territorial units such as the electorate, parliamentary districts, and wards also serve an important, albeit unofficial function in organization and operation.

Although the federal government and the provinces hold shared sovereignty, the provinces themselves do not hold absolute sovereignty in its traditional sense. Only the federal government retains the full jurisprudence and powers akin to a country but it too is subservient to the national government of the Kingdom, which has ultimate control on matters of foreign affairs and national defense. However, in both conventional and practical senses, the overlap between the Sierran federal government and the Kingdom's national government is overwhelmingly substantial enough in that it acts as a sovereign government (although the federal framework and political division of Sierra does not itself apply or extend to the [Deseret or Hawaii, two other autonomous constituent countries of the Kingdom. Many various powers are guaranteed or relegated to the provinces as established by the Constitution. The Constitution even provides for several exclusive powers unto the provincial government and allows them to create their own form of government, constitution, and laws so long as it does not violate the federal constitution or the Charter.

Provinces[edit | edit source]