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Aethyrbridge is a conworld that is free for anyone to edit, tweak, add to or write in! It is an expanding world, and it needs your help! Populate the world with characters, expand and add to the world's history! Offer information about landscape, science, society! You can even help expand the universe by contributing a story based in Aethyrbridge!

So what are you waiting for? Aethyrbridge is here...

Edge of Infinity

AethyrBridge is a city trapped in time and space. A pocket universe with dangerously unstable dimensions, held in place by the CBM Field. The city lies on the edge of the abyss, and it has no native citizens. Every man, woman and child in the city was born in another time, at another place...


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Aethyrbridge is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
Expansion Drive: Maer Plaza

Maer Plaza runs a perfect circle throughout the city of Aethyrbridge. All along Infinity Avenue can you find a bevy of shops, spas, fantasy immersion centres, nightclubs and entire shopping centres, where any manner of item can be bought. But Maer Plaza also has its seedy alleys and dark corners, where the black market is constantly moving, constantly thriving in the underground.

This expansion drive is meant to guide interested contributors to a section within this conworld that is in need of improvement.