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Alcenia/State Legislatures/Ilanuras/PA2019-227

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To amend Public Act 1968-138 to protect the rights of workers and regulate the activities of labor unions to ensure fair and free participation in the labor market
The people of the State of Ilanuras enact


Public Act 1968-138 is hereby amended so it reads:

(1) No worker, as a condition of employment, shall be compelled to do any of the following:

a) Join or leave any labor union.
b) Contribute monetarily or any labor union or be barred from doing so.
c) Contribute to any charity or other organization any monetary amount that is intended to be in lieu of monetary contributions to a labor union.

(2) Any bargained agreement between an employer and a labor union that takes affect or is renewed after March 1, 2020 and violates any part of subsection (1) shall be invalid and unenforceable.

(3) A person, employer, or labor union found in violation of subsection (1) shall be fined not more than $500.00 on the first offense, $1,000.00 on the second offense, and $1,500.00 on each subsequent offense. Fines recovered under this section shall be directed to the Treasury of Ilanuras for the general use of the state.

(4) A person who suffers injury as a result of a violation of subsection (1) may file a civil suit to recover damages and a court shall award the amount of court fees and a reasonable amount of attorney's fees to a plaintiff who prevails in such civil suit.

(5) For the remainder of fiscal year 2020 there is appropriated $2,000,000.00 to the Department of Labor for the following purposes:

a) Inform the public on the nature of this act.
b) Inform workers, employers, and labor unions of their rights and responsibilities under this act.
c) Any other activity which the Director of the Department of Labor may deem necessary.


For the purposes of this amendment:

(1) "worker", "employer", "labor union", "bargained agreement" all have the same meaning as in ICL 593.12.

(2) "person" has the same meaning as in ICL 112.1.


This act shall take effect on May 1, 2020.

Secretary of the Senate, Anne V. Fairfield
Clerk of the House of Representatives, Michael C. Connors
Governor of Ilanuras, Wyatt A. Douglas
December 16, 2019