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Alcenia state legislatures

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Control of legislatures.
     Conservative Democratic control
     Social Republican control
     Split control
Control of state executives.
     Conservative Democratic control
     Social Republican control

All eleven Alcenian states have their own legislature as ordained by the Constitution of Alcenia and their respective state constitutions. Each state except Sidanevi and Yewi has a bicameral legislature and each state has a chief executive. Each state is allowed under the Alcenian Constitution to formulate their governments however they wish so long as they follow a republican form of government. The City and District of Sunalie has a unicameral Public Council created by the Sunalie Home Rule Act of 1993.


State legislatures

State State Executive Legislature Name Lower house Upper house
Name Party strength Term
Name Party strength Term
Boske Governor Boske State Assembly House of Councilors CD 47-38 4 Senate CD 14-11 4
Garfield Governor Garfield State Legislature House of Representatives CD 75-55 Senate SR 21-17
Ilanuras Governor Ilanuras State Assembly House of Representatives SR 78-77 4 Senate CD 24-16 6
Iluvia Governor Iluvian Congress House of Delegates SR 114-86 3 Senate CD 19-16 5
Kalegav Governor Kalegav General Assembly House of Commons CD 44-41 2 Senate CD 17-8
Keiwasta Premier Keiwasta Parliament House of Consuls SR 34-21 3 House of Superiors SR 10-5 indefinite
Nievia Governor Nievia State Assembly House of Delegates CD 67-63 Senate SR 26-15 4
Perro Rocosso Governor Perro Rocosso Legislature House of Commons CD 59-56 3 Senate SR 21-16 6
Sidanevi Governor Sidanevi Public Assembly unicameral CD 67-33 4 unicameral - -
Vellonia Governor Vellonia State Legislature House of Representatives SR 155-75 4 Senate SR 38-7 6
Yewi Governor Yewi General Assembly unicameral SR 26-25 4 unicameral - -

Sunalie Public Council

District District Executive Legislature Name Lower house Upper house
Name Party strength Term
Name Party strength Term
Sunalie Mayor Sunalie Public Council unicameral SR 11-0 4 unicameral - -



Party Lower house Upper house Total
Conservative Democratic Party (CD) 634 118 752
Social Republican Party (SR) 693 194 887
Total seats 1,336 312 1,637

Unicameral seats counted as lower house.


Party Executiveships
Conservative Democratic Party (CD) 7
Social Republican Party (SR) 5