Almawalun Republic

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Almawalun Republic

جمهورية الموالون
République Almovolon
Flag of Almawalun Republic
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and largest city
Official languages Algerian Arabic
Recognised regional languages
99% Islam, 1% Christianity and others
Demonym(s) Almawaluni
Government Republic
Legislature al-Majlis
• Foundatiom
• Dissolution
Currency Almawaluni Dinar (AMD)
Date format DD.MM.YYYY
Driving side right

Almawalun Republic was founded by the anti-French tribal coalitions in what is modern day Algeria. In 1919, Algeria was lost to the French, and its native Algerian Muslims were faced with a terrible choice – either convert to Catholicism and join a new colonial empire that would turn their back on their old religion, or stay and face punishment. The Almawalun became prosperous and at its height controlled much of the modern Ifrikiye-Algeria border. However, its end came when French invaded Almawalun with full force and executed its President, Minister of İnterior and massacred rebel Tribes. Though, the Republic was crushed, it inspired Algerians to revolt and Algeria finally achieved Independence in 1960s.

French Defectors[edit | edit source]

Jean-Louis de Cannes a French general was famous for defecting from the French Maghreb Army to join the Almawalun Army. He dressed like an Arab and was fondly called Rafeeq Yuhanna (Comrade John). Jean-Louis de Cannes modernised the Almawalun Army modelling it after the French. He was later made Minister of External Affairs. In Paris, he was known as Traître Jean.

Following, Invasion of Almawalun, many of the leaders of the Almawalun Republic were captured in the following months. Jean who had deserted from the French Maghreb Army and joined the Almawalun Army was captured and imprisoned by French force and executed.