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Coat of arms of clan Sheshratan, an Alsíkar house. The motto is Löhrí eb darr íhdárdél; Fire is our ancestor.

Alsíkar were an intelligent race that originated in central Dyonia, the only such race not directly created by one of the Permeated Spirits. They were distinguished by having direct dragon and human ancestry, a pure Alsíkar having a dragon father and a human mother.

Their origins lie in a spell Sinéya cast on all male dragons near the beginning of time that would compel them to desire female humans. Because of this, many male dragons took human women as their wives, spawning half-dragon, half-human children. These children were often shunned and expelled from human societies and they went on to form their own nations and kingdoms, forsaking their human halves. The gender imbalance in human societies caused by the dragons led to human males waging a long-lasting war against the dragons, fueled by stories and legends of virgin maidens being taken and raped by the dragons and birthing demonic sons of fire.

In the 5th century of the Old Era, almost all Alsíkar nations and kingdoms offered their allegiance to Mivékúl, the first Enemy of Mankind, in his war on humanity. After Mivékúl's destruction in [TBD], they retreated back to their homelands, studied magic, and worshiped the gods of their forefathers. They created the Kivals, five elemental stones imbued with the magic of the dragons that proved to be powerful artifacts, but they were lost shortly after their forging in numerous wars for control over them. With the help of Nelizar, the second Enemy of Mankind, they enslaved nearly all humans and created for themselves an era of immense prosperity and power. With their magic and the magic of dragons, they created technology that was comparable to industrial age of the real world. This would not last, however, as their magic began to decay due to the gradual extinction of dragons for reasons unknown to the Alsíkar. After discovering Nelizar possessed one of the lost Kivals, some Alsíkar nations demanded it be returned to them, but he refused, leading to a war between Alsíkar nations loyal to him and the Alsíkar that demanded the lost Kival. The wars ended in Nelizar's destruction and severely weakened the Alsíkar. The humans they had enslaved revolted against their masters and migrated west. Some Alsíkar followed suit, intermarrying with humans, while some migrated north across the sea to Thadia.

Alsíkar were incredibly diverse in appearance and character. A pure male Alsíkar would stand at around almost 200cm and had a life-expectancy of about 150 years. Their hands, forearms, legs, and feet were covered in scales, usually the same color as their father's, had slit eyes, and vestigial wings, but no tail. They were often extremely intelligent and very talented in magic. Pure Alsíkar were rare, however, and often intermarried with humans, creating various subdivisions of human-alsíkar depending on their genetic distance to dragons. Over the generations, and especially after the extinction of dragons, they became almost indistinguishable from humans but still retained latent magical abilities more powerful than humans with little or no Alsíkar ancestry. Among their descendants were the Edekratic peoples, who settled south-western Dyonia in the 42nd century of the Old Era.