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Alt-chan (concept art).png
Prototypical moe anthropomorphism representation of Altverse II
First appearance January 2021
Created by Centrist16
Based on Takagi from Karakai Jouzu no Takagi and Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club!
Designed by Amity did nothin wrong
Kuroda Ryo

Alt-chan (Japanese: アルトちゃん Hepburn: Aruto-chan?) is a personification of Altverse II created in January 2021 by Centrist16, the leader editor of the project and designed by Constructed Worlds Wiki Discord users Amity did nothin wrong and Kuroda Ryo. She is the official mascot of the project and the de facto mascot of the Constructed Worlds Wiki. The -chan in "Alt-chan" is an affectionate suffix, in the form of a Japanese honorifics. She is a parody of Wikipe-tan, an unofficial moe anthropomorphic mascot of Wikipedia. Alt-chan is the first original moe representation on Constructed Worlds. Other representations have been planned to represent the Constructed Worlds Wiki, as well as personifications of the countries featured within Altverse II, such as Sierra and the United Commonwealth, in a fashion similar to the Japanese webcomic Hetalia: Axis Powers or the online community of Polandball.

Alt-chan was officially announced on May 25, 2021 to mark the beginning of Beta Mode, after a little more than a year of project development in the initial Alpha Mode. There are currently only prototypes of the character as a final design and official artwork have not been announced yet.

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