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This article is part of Altverse II.
Altverse II
Altverse II.svg
Genre Collaborative alternate history and geopolitical roleplay
Established 2020
Creator Centrist16
Progress Upcoming, in Alpha Mode as of May 21, 2020 (v. 1.0.0)
Predecessor Altverse

Altverse II (also referred to as Altverse 2 or Altverse 2.0) is an upcoming collaborative alternate history project that is based on the original Altverse timeline. The timeline and premise of Altverse II revolves around the major point of divergence from the original Altverse timeline where World War I does not occur in 1914 when Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fails to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

The project builds on the elements and lore established by Altverse, as well as its principles, conventions, and ideas. It also adds a stronger commitment towards creating a unique and interesting alternate history timeline. It is dedicated to creating high-quality articles which covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: countries, governments, individuals, corporations, languages, religion, popular culture, geography, and more. Its goal is to achieve an organic, passionate, and community-driven environment where its contributors are able to contribute to the world. Although Altverse II is an alternate history timeline, it is also a live, realtime geopolitical roleplaying project, and is intended to fulfill the same vision the original Altverse was set out to achieve.

On May 21, 2020, the project began in Alpha Mode as it began work on history-related articles related to the new timeline. During Alpha Mode, contemporary events and roleplaying will remain in stasis as contributors work on developing the timeline between 1914 and the Great War (c. 1950s).


The development and progression of Altverse II has been divided into four separate stages. Each stage of development plans to focus on particular aspects, topics, and issues related to the project that will be addressed and resolved prior to official release.

Alpha Mode[edit]

Altverse II Alpha Mode.svg

Alpha Mode began on May 20, 2020 and is the first stage of development on Altverse II. It will focus on establishing a generalized outline, overview, and timeline for the project, as well as create articles for all events and subjects identified as central towards the timeline. It will also begin work on conforming existing Altverse I articles approved for migration into Altverse II.

Beta Mode[edit]

Altverse II Beta Mode.svg

Beta Mode is an upcoming stage of development which will further refine the timeline details of Altverse II, establish project rules and conventions, and add more content to core timeline-sensitive event articles. The adaptation of existing Altverse I articles approved for Altverse II will continue, while new Altverse II articles will be created accordingly to reflect the new timeline.


Altverse II Pre-Release Mode.svg

Pre-release is a future stage of development which will focus on finalizing the most important timeline details of Altverse II and their related articles. Further rules and conventions will be added or clarified. Every article associated with Altverse I will be identified for migration and adaptation or rejection. Contemporary events and preparations for roleplaying events or scenarios will be discussed and explored prior to moving forward into the official release.

Official release[edit]

Altverse II (banner).svg

Official release is a future point in the project when Altverse II will be considered fully functional and suitable to operate as a live, realtime roleplaying project in the same manner as the original Altverse project. At this point, the project is no longer focused on alternate history as the essential details and events of the timeline's past have already been established. New nations and applications may continue to be proposed, which may require changing certain details on the timeline if necessary. More rules and conventions can continue to be further expounded and any articles from Altverse I which have not been migrated at this point may continue to be done so promptly.

Differences from Altverse I[edit]

Rules and conventions[edit]


Altverse II is a collaborative timeline and real-time geopolitical roleplaying project. It is distinct from the popularized map game format because it is not turn-based or primarily documented through a timeline. Unlike map games, the emphasis of Altverse II is to create an immersive worldbuilding project set in an alternate timeline of the Earth through high-quality articles covering various subjects, including, but not limited to countries, politicians, governments, political parties, corporations, celebrities, cultures, languages, religions, economies, products, wars, diplomatic events, and more. There are no players in the traditional sense. Each and every contributor is free to contribute however way they believe will enhance and enrich the world of Altverse II for the benefit of all. Contributors generally maintain authorship over a main country but may write for several countries (or no countries at all), as well as jointly contribute a country with other users. There are no winners or losers as authors are focused on making their countries interesting, rather than making their countries materially wealthier, stronger, or superior. Since the goal of Altverse II is to stimulate a believable, dynamic geopolitics of the real world, as long as it is reasonable and plausible, a country may experience great success sometimes or a terrible crisis, even to the point of societal collapse and regime change. Furthermore, Altverse II goes beyond conceptualizing countries just as the sovereign state itself. It encourages and calls for contributors to flesh out detailed articles which may cover any conceivable aspect of the country. In other words, a contributor may decide to write about a particular city, an individual, a party, a company, a law, a television show, song, a popular food dish, an infamous criminal trial, or even an animal if it relates to their country. Generally, a contributor will work on the fundamentals first (i.e. the main country page, the government page, the history page, the parties page, the military page, and the major leaders page), but an exceptional contributor will branch out towards secondary content which will enhance understanding of their country.

The quality of articles expected in Altverse II is to imitate the style, conventions, and aesthetics of high-quality Wikipedia article. Articles are to be written as if it were directed towards readers who were living in Altverse II itself had access the Wikipedia equivalent in that universe.

List of members[edit]

Contributor Discord alias Role Primary contribution(s)
Andy Irons Andrew! Contributor  Spain, Civil Flag of Guyana.svg West Indies,  Brazil,  Superior
AWpCR Emperor Kleetorus the Cuckolder Contributor  Germany
BBMhenggay Greg Seegan Contributor Flag of São Leopoldo.svg São Leopoldo, Flag of the Federation of Central America.svg Central America
BIPU BIPU Contributor  Skandinavia (held in community trust)
Candiesrgood que haces besando a la lisiada Contributor  Tondo, 1946 Canadian flag proposal.svg Manitoba
Centrist16 Centrist16 Arbiter, creator  Sierra,  Mexico, South Vietnam Vietnam, Bandera Front Alliberament Cham.svg Champa, Free City of Jerusalem
Dev27 Dev27 Contributor  India
Fizzyflapjack Fizzyflapjack Contributor  Brazoria (held in trust by Centrist16 and Mythopoeia)
KawaiiKame KawaiiKame Contributor  United Kingdom (held in community trust)
Javants Javants Contributor  Hungary (held in community trust)
Johann Contributor  Chad,  China,  Greenland,  Yukon,  Zaire,  Sovereign Patriarchate
JoshuaTheRoman Yusha Contributor  Iran
Mythopoeia Pelicary Contributor  United Commonwealth, Flag of the United Commonwealth of America.svg Antilles,  Equatorial States
NickPro NickPro Contributor  Russia (partnership with Screwhorn)
Nox20 Nox Contributor Flag of Vaynakhia.svg Vaynakhia
Prosmioafjineafe Supporting contributor Terrorism in Sierra, Styxie
S.mustafaamir MustafaAmir Contributor  Palestine,   Switzerland
Screwhorn Screwhorn77 Contributor  Russia (partnership with NickPro)
Sheeplechase Sheeplechase Supporting contributor  Sierra, New Oneida
T0oxi21 T0oxi21 Supporting contributor Yulonia (in Sierra), The Landing
Thewolvesden Thewolvesden Contributor  Romania, Congregationalist States (part of the United Commonwealth)
Wolftheriot Wolftheriot Contributor  Netherlands
woogers woogers Contributor  Japan (held in trust by Centrist16)
Vivaporius Vivaporius Contributor and mapmaker  Iokuma (Creates maps for Altverse II)
WorldMaker18 Contributor Hong Kong British Hong Kong (non-country), Manchuria Manchuria,  Astoria,  Portugal
Ycasto Ycasto Contributor  United People's Committees, Flag of Libyan Jamahiriya.png Libya,  Italy,   Holy See (non-country)
Al-khataei al-Khataei Contributor  Anatolian Republic


  • Erik (South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands)
  • Emalia (possible North American-based state in the OTL Northeastern United States)
  • Javants03
  • Nathandrian (possible North American-based state)
  • Vivaporius and Ycasto (possible Oceanic states in the OTL states of Australia and New Zealand)
  • S.mustafaamir (possible state encompassing the OTL states of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the southern areas of Mozambique)


     Actively claimed and developed contributor nations
     Nations directly altered by interactions with contributor nations
     Disputed regions
     Proposed nations

List of sovereign states and dependencies[edit]

Open states[edit]

This list contains all countries or regions which are available for development or claim.

  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Bhutan
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt
  • Georgia
  • Kenya
  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • Zanzibar

Historical states[edit]

This list contains all countries and territories which formerly existed in-universe and may be available for development or claim (with consent of the modern country's author). Dates are also given to indicate the lifespan of such countries. Countries in italics are modern-day countries where the former country was wholly or partially a part of. Does not include former countries which currently exist as a subdivision under an existing modern-day country with the same name (such as Quebec).

Forked states[edit]

Some states were once part of the Altverse canon but were removed upon departure of their authors. In order to both respect the creative rights of the original authors and preserve the Altverse canon, the original nations were forked and exist within their own universe.

Altverse II nation Forked nation
Flag of Astoria.svg Astoria Flag of Rainier.svg Rainier

Removed states[edit]

This list contains all countries which have been decanonized and delisted from the project.

Former nation Contributor
 Azania Vivaporius

Flag of Tuva.svg Tuva

Flag of Vaynakhia.svg Vaynakhia Nox20

See also[edit]

  • Altverse (original, discontinued)
  • Makerverse (rebranded continuation of Altverse I)
  • Vandverse (similar concept with further-dated POD and more history-oriented)