American Conservative Coalition

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American Conservative Coalition
Leader Joshua Garrett (KS)
Deputy Otto Shaffer (SP)
Founded November 3, 1960; 59 years ago (1960-11-03)
Headquarters 144th Avenue Riverside, Inland Empire, Sierra
Student wing Student Conservatives of America
Youth wing Young Conservatives of America
Women's wing Coalition of American Conservative Women
Think Tank Riverside Institute
Ideology Conservatism
Social conservatism
Economic liberalism
Soft Ameroskepticism
Political position Blue flag waving.png Center-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Regional affiliation Asia Pacific Democrat Union
Caribbean Demorat Union
Official colors      Blue
American Parliament
78 / 501
American Council
4 / 28

Anglo-American political party
Political groups of the American Parliament

The American Conservative Coalition, also known as the Conservative Coalition, more commonly as the American Conservatives or the Conservatives and abbreviated as the ACC, is a political group and party in the American Parliament and is a coalition of various centrist, center-right and conservative political parties from all members of the Conference of American States. Founded in November 1960, it is one of the oldest political groups and parties of the American Parliament next to the United Federalists of America and is based in Riverside, Inland Empire in the Kingdom of Sierra and is currently lead by Joshua Garrett.

The American Conservative Coalition is a coalition of conservative political parties from across Anglo-America and the rest of the CAS and is based around a common ideology espousing various forms of conservatism, especially social conservatism, and economic liberalism. According to the ACC, their official statement says that their goal is to preserve "traditional Anglo-American culture and values", support free trade and "economic liberty", and is dedicated to reforming the CAS and supporting a largely de-centralized CAS. The ACC is also a largely Soft Ameroskeptic and are critical of the CAS' policies and actions of its institutions, but supports remaining part of the organization and calls for reforming it. Reforms that the ACC have proposed include supporting a less-regulated market, more restrictive immigration policies, and curtailing progressive policies under the guise of protecting traditionalist Anglo-American citizens.

Like other CAS political parties and groups, the ACC has its own youth wing and student wing, the Young Conservatives for America and Student Conservatives for America respectively, and are umbrella organizations for the various youth caucuses of all member parties. The largest party in the ACC is the Royalist and Federalist Party from Sierra and behind it is the United Conservatives from Superior and United Liberal-Conservatives from Canada. The smallest party in the ACC is the Conservative People's Party from Greenland. The ACC's policies are supported by the Riverside Institute, a right-leaning think tank from the Inland Empire.



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