Arkhangelsk Ultiverse Timeline

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The known history of the Arkhangelsk Ultiverse is a diverse and long winding time line filled with many historical uncertainties.

Scholars today believe the Arkhangelsk Ultiverse was created 100 trillion years ago by either an unknown cosmic force or a by a higher much greater and extremely powerful being. The early ultiverse was filled with a multitude of small and large universes floating in what was to believed to a high energy state. One thing that seems to be very interesting to scholars and scientists is that most universes seem to be "infinite" and that after a period of expanding they just stop immediately. The Matter Transfer Theory also begins to happen which causes matter to appear from the deep recesses of space creating more stars and fueling old stars which does not allow for the death of stars. This "infinite" universe theorem causes many to believe a higher power created everything and has the sufficient technology to allow universes to survive indefinitely.

The Earias Era[edit | edit source]

The Culmination[edit | edit source]

The Ultiverse is created 100 trillion years ago by an unknown force or being. After a short 2.2 billion years superclusters and galaxies begin to form, with planets and stars beginning to afterward. After a 500 million year age with no life the first simple organisms appear and evolve slowly into more complex organisms. Around 150 million more years the first sentient species began to finally form, today these species are totally unknown to have ever demonstrated the ability to either leave their respective planets or gain sufficient technology to advance in anyway. Archaeological digs have discovered extremely ancient works dating 99.7 trillion years ago but there meaning and use have been entirely lost to time.

After another 500 million years scholars estimate that a large multitude of ancient civilizations were suddenly destroyed or fell apart due to unknown forces. Ancient carvings and engravings show fire raining from the sky and large deluges. Scholars believe that these world destroying events were caused by astrological phenomenon from the creation of the Ultiverse.

The Advancement[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of a multitude of worlds and civilizations the first space faring civilization began to form in the far off corners of the Ultiverse. The first space faring cultures began to expand outwards slowly until small intergalactic empires began to form. The vast recesses of space did not allow for empires to come into contact to each other but it is seen in ancient works that when empires did happen to come into contact it usually ended with the destruction of the two empires due to war. The early space faring civilizations had crude technology not having FTL Drives they mainly relied on Generation Ships and Cryoships.