Armed Forces of The Netherlands

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Armed Force of Netherlands
Nederlandse krijgsmacht
All Army Logos.png
Service branches Royal Netherlands Army,Royal Netherlands Navy,
Royal Netherlands Air Force,Royal Netherlands Cadets
Headquarters Amsterdam
Commander-in-Chief King William VII
Minister of Defense Karl Van der Kiste
Amiraal Hugo Konning
Military age 17-45
Conscription Volunteer
Available for
military service
17,142,651 males, age 17-45,
11,252,908 females, age 17-45
Fit for
military service
16,941,014 males, age 17-45,
10,936,273 females, age 17-45
Reaching military
age annually
100,401 males,
80,701 females
Active personnel 700,000
Reserve personnel 1,112,155
Deployed personnel 0
Budget $94,000,000,000
Percent of GDP 4%
Domestic suppliers Baker&Jassen,DAF NV,
Drumbaar NV,Fokker
Philips,Van de Berg
,FN Herstal
Foreign suppliers TBD

The Armed forces of the Netherlands consist of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The service branches consist of:

  • Koninklijke Landmacht (KL), Royal Netherlands Army.
  • Koninklijke Marine (KM), Royal Netherlands Navy and Korps Mariniers, Marine Corps.
  • Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLU), Royal Netherlands Air Force.
  • Koninklijke Marechaussee (KMAR), Royal Military Constabulary.

And one youth Branch:

  • Koninklijke Cadetten (KC),Royal Netherlands Cadets

Military Personnel[edit]

The Netherlands' military is currently a fully professional military.The conscription law,was suspended since 2001.All military branches and specialties are open to female recruits since the "1973 Woman Equality Act".

The Dutch Ministry of Defence employs over 2,500,000 personnel, including both civilian,defence industry and military personnel.And has a Reserve Force of 1,112,155 which is divided as follows:

  • Group I:212,100 (Full Time,Almost the same Experience as the Regular Army)
  • Group II:440,055(Part Time,Moderate level of Experience)
  • Group III:450,000(On Paper,Basic level of Experience)

Central Staff[edit]

Chief of Defence Appointed Branch
First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC ADC MOD 45155508.jpg Admiraal
Hugo Koning
(born 1959)
17 September 2016
(4 years, 132 days)
Dutch Navy Flag.png
Royal Netherlands Navy
(Naval Squadron)
Vice Chief of Defence Appointed Branch
Onno Eichelsheim Generaal
Onno Eichelsheim
(born 1965)
29 May 2016
(4 years, 248 days)
Dutch Airforce Flag.png
Royal Netherlands Air Force
(Fighter Jets)
Commander of the Army Appointed Branch
Gustaf Middendorp Maarschalk van Nederland
Gustaf Middendorp
(born 1966)
28 August 2014
(6 years, 152 days)
Flag of The Dutch army.png
Royal Netherlands Army
(Engineer Corps )


Defence Industry[edit]

The Kingdom of Netherlands are in the Heart of Europe between France and Germany and owns colonies on the other side of the globe,to ensure the defence of the European territories and the asian ones,the Netherlands have a very developed military industries sector and that employs more than 900 thousand in Europe and 10 million in the Dutch East Indies.The Biggest of the Defence Contractors are:

Name Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Baker&Kolff Small Arms Industry Rotterdam 1820 Personal Weapons
DAF NV Automobiles Eindhoven 1920 Trucks,Tracked Vehicles,
Tank Chassis,Cars
Drumbaar NV Heavy Industries Middleburg 1883 Artillery,Shipyards
Fokker Aerospace Amsterdam 1912 Airplanes,Rockets
FN Herstal Small Arms Industry Herstal 1889 Personal Weapons
Philips Electronics Eindhoven 1891 Computer Systems,
Medical Equipment,
Precision Machinery,
Van de Berg Heavy Industries Maastricht 1921 Artillery,Shipyards