Assassination of Michael R. Shannon

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Assassination of Michael R. Shannon
Part of the Styxie conflict
Police cars 2014.jpg
Police cars arriving at the scene of the shooting
Location Flag of San Joaquin.svg Bernheim, San Joaquin
Date April 17, 2014
8:14 PM PST
Target Michael Randell Shannon, other republican activists
Attack type
Weapons Heckler & Koch MP5, Glock 18
Deaths 3
Injured 9
Perpetrator Radical monarchists
Motive Rico not being imprisoned, opposition to dissident republicanism

Michael Randell Shannon was assassinated on April 17, 2014 at 8:14 PM outside of a local theater in Bernheim, San Joaquin after exiting the theater after a meeting being hosted by the New Sierran Republicans had concluded. Shannon, more commonly known as the Rico Cross, had been a controversial figure in the province of San Joaquin and the Styxie as a whole due to his affiliation with the Provisional Sierran Republican Army as a member of its war council. In 2011, he was arrested on charges of being part of the organization, but was released due to their being no record of him committing or organizing violence against Sierran Jacobites and other targets of dissident republicans. The trial concluded in 2011 and was highly divides within the Styxie and angered radical monarchists who accused Shannon of being a terrorist and a traitor to the Kingdom of Sierra.

Since his trial in 2011, Shannon continued his work as a political advocate for Sierran republicanism and criticism of the monarchy. He also worked as a known apologist for the Sierran Liberation Army and Sierran Republican Army from The Disturbances and defended their actions. In 2012, Rico was almost stabbed, but survived after managing to apprehend his attempted assassin. At the time of his assassination, he had been campaigning for the San Joaquin New Republicans and served as the Chair of its Bernheim Regional Committee. Michael was shot multiple times in the chest by an MP5 and was killed along with two others in a drive-by assassination by radical monarchists. To this day, the perpetrator remains unknown, though radical monarchist groups such as the Underground Royal Army and Red Rose Brigade are the primary suspects. After his death, Shannon was given a funeral and was buried in his home city of Reno City, Reno and his funeral saw a turnout of 3,000 people.

Following his death, members of the Provisional SRA broke off to form Rico's Independent Republican Army and carried out a series of terrorist attacks, murders, assassinations and bombings collectively part of Operation Broken Crown across San Joaquin and other nearby provinces in the Styxie. The most infamous reprisal attack was that of the murder of Christopher Miller, a Senator from Central Valley during a visit to Santa Clara in November 2014.


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