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Associated Broadcasting
Type Public broadcasting
Country United Commonwealth
First air date June 23, 1949 (radio)
September 16, 1953 (television)
Founded June 1st, 1974
Slogan Insightful, Alternative, Informative"
Broadcast area Worldwide
Area served National; available on terrestrial and cable systems in CAS member states; available internationally via Internet and Sirus Satellite Radio
Owner Cooperative
Picture format 1080i (HDTV 16:9)
(480i/576i letterboxed for SDTVs 16:9)

Associated Broadcasting (AB) is an Anglo-American public broadcasting, television program distributor, media consortium established as not-for-profit news agency to provide alternative sources of information to the citizens of the United Commonwealth, as legally enforced by the Continentalist Party in 1974. Headquartered in Chicago, it maintains large regional offices in Austin, San Francisco City, New York City, and Porciúncula. AB operates, by a legal mandate constructed by the Continentalist government, as a cooperative, with ownership belonging to contributing journalists, radio and televisions stations. It is guided by an independently chartered Statement of Values, Principles and Practices, a statutory guideline for formatting and presentation, establishing its journalistic ethics, a heightened style of delivery and objectivity.

AB has earned 28 Pulitzer Prizes, for a number of its online contributions, explanatory, investigative, local, national and international reports. Since 1976, its regional offices in San Francisco, New York and Austin have diligently operated as an election monitoring source for local Continentalist elections. It is the primary collector and verifying source of electoral returns in every county, parish, city and town across the United Commonwealth. It has extensively extended its reach into Sierra, the Northeast Union, Brazoria and the Kingdom of Sierra as an independent electoral watchdog.

Associated Broadcasting, operates AB News, which is produced in English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Korean. Its most diverse operation in language distribution are located in Porciúncula, where Assosicated Broadcasting contributes eight alternative translations for its material to the citizens of Sierra. According to NewsWhip, Assosciated Broadcasting is the most engaged with content on Facebook and Twitter. Since 2007, University of Sierra polling has continuously placed the organization as the most-trusted national institution in the Conference of American States. In 2017, in a study conducted by the University of Chicago, found that 90% of all television and internet wielding households view Associated Broadcasting programs.The service has some 300 member television stations, with many owned by educational institutions, local public school districts, which openly facilitate programs alongside with local broadcasting. Among its most viewed programming is some private and publicly produced shows, such as the Great Southern BBQ, The Appalachian People & Landscape, Sierran Vista, the Brazorian Rodeo, Continental Communications Commission produced children's shows such as Animalville, Exploratorium and Clementine Care.


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