Aurelia I

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Aurelia I
Princess of the Libertan Empire
Reign 8 May 2010 – Current
Predecessor Pauletta III
Born (2009-05-08) 8 May 2009 (age 13)
Flag of Liberta.png Meridies, Liberta
Full name
Aurelia Juliet Isabelle Aquarius
House Aquarius
Father Vidal V
Mother Pauletta III

Aurelia I (Aurelia Juliet Isabelle Aquarius; born 8th May 2009) is the Princess of Liberta and the Libertan Empire.

Aurelia was born on the 8th of May 2009 in Nessa Hospital, Meridies, as the first child of Archprincess Pauletta III and Archprince Vidal V.