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Aurionean-Pojria War

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Aurionean-Pojrian War
War in Pojria.jpg
Clockwise from top left: Pojrian Realjensdarmas in the Battle of Aljedaro, BNR Desafee sinking after the Battle of the Mactan Approaches, destroyed Cardeejo slave-holding facility in Nagrevenje, dead civilians after the Bombing of Adoraja, early bomb-fires in the Battle of Aljedaro, and destroyed apartments in Pordaroy
Date5958 Ʋ-5964 Ʋ

Aurionea Flag.png Aurionea

Flag of Pojria.svg Pojria

Flag of the Aleeanza Cardeejona.svg Aleeanza Cardeejona
Commanders and leaders
Aurionea Flag.png Valistunu Flag of Pojria.svg Bablo Reenjars
Flag of Pojria.svg Eeza Yata
Flag of Pojria.svg Joaie Keenoz
Flag of the Aleeanza Cardeejona.svg Farnand Jonaro
Flag of the Aleeanza Cardeejona.svg Jaymano Corbo
TBD 85,000 sailors
75,000 Realjensdarmas
20,000 patrollers
10,000-20,000 partisans
5,000-8,000 Cardeejonos
Casualties and losses
TBD Military: 82,500 dead
45,000 wounded
Civilian: 25,000 dead
40,000 wounded

The Aurionean-Pojrian War or simply known as the Pojrian War was an armed conflict that began in 5958 Ʋ with the Invasion of Pojria by the United Wardenries after an attempted blockade saw a confrontation between the Aurionean and Pojrian navies in the Mondeena Sea. The Aurioneans attempted to completely blockade Pojria after 312 Aurionean nationals were captured by the Nagrevenje Cardeejo, with the blockade aiming to intercept any outgoing Pojrian commercial vessels and individuall check them for human trafficking. The Royal Pojrian Navy confronted the Aurionean vessels in the Battle of the Mactan Approaches, which saw nearly half of the Pojrian fleet annihilated. Then Warden of Aurionea, Valistunu, officially declared war on the Federated Kingdom with proposals from the Kansallisoko after the naval engagement. After an intense aerial bombardment campaign lasting six days, Aurionea invaded Macta Pojria and successfully took the island in only four days. The ensuing Aurionean occupation of Pojria lasted six years before the Provisional Government of Pojria was transitioned to domestic civilian control. The war was the single deadliest war fought against a foreign power in Pojria, with estimates varying from the Aurionean claim of about 84,000 deaths to the Pojrian claim of 107,500 deaths during the invasion and subsequent occupation.

The aerial bombardments began on the night of 20 Kuolevaurinko, 5958 Ʋ, the same day that the Battle of the Mactan Approaches concluded. Initially the United Wardenry Navy and United Wardenry Air Force targeted military installations and government offices in an attempt to force Pojria into an early surrender. After two more nights of targeted raids, the Aurionean forces offshore made contact with the Pojrian Royal Government, which at the time had gone into hiding, and which told the Aurioneans that there would be no surrender from the Pojrian side. The Aurionean military then ceased operations for two days, with the Warden of Aurionea declaring a Declaration of Totality, deploying the two additional aircraft carriers and a landing force, all the while heavily and indiscriminately bombing Pojrian cities from mainland Aurionea. Bombings of Pordaroy, Aljedaro, Adoraja, Nagrevenje, and Eelaja incurred international attention that brought widespread condemnation against the government of Aurionea, as the Pojrian military was entirely unable to respond to the overwhelming Aurionean air campaign. On 26 Kuolevaurinko, the 7th Division of the United Wardenry Army along with the 1st Division of the United Wardenry Naval Marines landed around Aljedaro, facing off with the Pojrian Realjensdarmas, armed civilians, and Cardeejo militants in the Battle of Aljedaro. The Pojrian defence collapsed by the next morning, and on 28 Kuolevaurinko, the Aurionean Army quickly advanced towards Pordaroy, which was taken after the brief, day-long Battle of Pordaroy. The Royal Family, most civilian members of the Pojrian Royal Government, and the Lojfabando were all captured with the fall of Pordaroy, though, in an infamous escape, Prime Minister Bablo Reenjars successfully fled the country. Then King Keejay IX formally surrendered to the Aurioneans on 30 Kuolevaurinko, after United Wardenry forces secured the entirety of Macta Pojria.

On 23 Keskikesä, 5964 Ʋ, independent whistleblower journalists from Kaishuri revealed that 248 of the 312 Cardeejo-captured Aurioneans had been killed in the second bombing campaign at the very start of the conflict. Only seven of the Aurioneans were able to escape from captivity in the chaos of the bombings. The remaining 57 were successfully trafficked out of the country and had been sold into slavery in Vespia only three weeks after the conflict began. It had only taken three years for the Aurionean occupiers to discover this information, the following three years were spent, essentially, suppressing this information inside the occupational authority. The Wardenry Communications Authority was then discovered to have attempted to censor the spread of this news, only for it to have leaked into the country through international news outlets. The revelation deeply distressed the national psyche of Aurionea, which had originally been immensely supportive of the war effort under the guise of stamping out international human enslavement and trafficking. Aurionea pulled its occupation of Pojria on 25 Keskikesä, the day after the news broke to the public. The families of the deceased Aurioneans fell into a prolonged period of mourning known as the Dark Decades, which plagued the nation psychologically for the remainder of the 5960 Ʋs and 5970 Ʋs. The economy deteriorated, national rates of anti-social behavior dramatically increased, and foreign relations with Aurionea around the world greatly deteriorated. With the death of Valistunu, the nation fell further into an emotional and economic abyss before the ascension of Oskari Aurinkama.

The Aurionean invasion, particularly the second wave of aerial bombardment, caused heavy devastation on Macta Pojria, resulting in the destruction of a great deal of buildings and infrastructure in the largest cities in the country. Aljedaro, the focal point of the Aurionean landing force, was so heavily damaged that nearly half of every building in the city had to be rebuilt. Though a great deal of repairs were made during the Aurionean occupation, the vast majority of damage done outside of Macta Pojria was largely ignored by the occupants due to high insurgent activity. The total death toll caused by the direct and indirect consequences of the invasion and occupation is often ranged between the official Aurionean amount of 84,000, to the opposite end of estimates which reach as high as 450,000. Aside from fatalities, hundreds of thousands were injured over the course of the invasion and the more intense periods of insurgency, and at least half a million Pojrians are believed to now suffer from psychological trauma, mainly by way of post-traumatic stress disorder. The total resultant damage done to Pojria in both economic and social means deeply affects the country into the modern day, and many contemporary Pojrians continue to blame the Aurionean invasion as being a major source of the socioeconomic challenges presently faced by the country.

Following the withdrawal, the Aurionean government continued to supply Pojria with additional supplies and provided generous subsidies to Aurionean goods providing food security unseen before in Pojria. Effectively expanding the nations naval capabilities, the proximity to the Pojria ports allowed for Aurionean warships to conduct extensive campaigns to disrupt the the international slave trade. Known as the Mondeena Massacres, the Aurionean Navy began conducting itself in a manner unseen during the invasion or occupation, where they proceeded extra-judicially on citizens on Vespian and Pojrian citizens who were involved in the slave trade. During this period, nearly 5,000 slaves were returned to their home countries, with a majority returning to The Korat. In several occasions the slave traders attempted to repel Naval forces, leading to several incidents were both slaves and slave traders were killed, the most infamous incident occurred Kuolevaurinko 12th 5966 Ʋ, when a large tanker disguised as a Kingdom of Assai ship was intercepted, it was discovered to be a slave transport operated by both Vespians and Cardeejos. Carrying some 2,000 enslaved Assai-Krai-Kaishurians, the Deliverance killed the boarding Naval Marines which resulted in a Aurionean frigate to sink the ship killing 1,900 of those on board. The incident effectively ended all Aurionean naval activity around the Pojria and all activity on the island.