Austin of Eroea

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Emperor of Eroea
Reign 14 July 4153 – present
Crown Princess Amelia
Lord Primate of Yuntvar
Lord Primate of Argnoria
Reign 14 July 4153 – present
Predecessor Amadeus II
Born Justin Richards Fergal Claudius Austin Archibald Suddern Lesley Fangren
Consort Ursula
House Meera
Father The Duke of Valenor
Mother Nymeria Huxley, Duchess of Valenor
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Austin (Richard Fergal Claudius Austin Lesley; born 1 August 4101) is the Emperor of Eroea and Lord Primate of Yuntvar and Argnoria since the 14 July 4153. He is also a renowned polymath and intellectual, with multiple degrees in various fields. He is a qualified physician, surgeon, mathematician, quantum physicist, philosopher and architect.

Austin was born in the Imperial Sanctum, Argost on the 1 August 4101 to The Duke of Valenor and Nymeria Huxley, Duchess of Valenor during the reign of his grandfather, Justinian III; he was the oldest out of a set of twins. His family line was not expected to ascend to the throne under normal circumstances and was thus awarded the titles and lands of the Duchy of Valenor, a region in Myop. The family grew up on farm on the Valenor Plains and Austin's father was largely uninterested in politics. Edward Meera, Austin's father, fell ill in 20 February 4107 due to a stroke, he later died at Valenor Imperial Infirmary on the 2 March 4107 at the age of 29. Austin inherited his father's titles and would hold them until he was the age 20. The death of his father had a huge impact on Austin and for many years he suffered from seasonal affective disorder until he was 16. After that, he recovered and flourished in school under the tutorship of his mother and various household aides. At the age of 20 he departed for college and rescinded his titles to his twin brother, Nigel Meera. Austin would go on to become a physician at the age of 28, a surgeon two years later and a mathematician in 4137. For the next 8 years, he spent time exploring quantum physics and philosophy - earning doctorates in both. The former of which became his passion and he would be Associate Professor for Quantum Physics at the Imperial University from 4147 until 4151. He had also completed night classes to become a qualified architect. He did carry out a number of public duties but this only increased when it became apparent that his uncle Amadeus II would not have any eligible heirs to the throne and he was the heir apparent. He married Ursula Middleton, a distant relation, on the 12 December 4126.

Austin was never made Crown Prince despite him being Crown Prince since the ascension of his uncle to the throne in 4109, this was due to his mother refusing to allow her son become Emperor; she wished to shield her family from imperial politics which she saw as a disease that had ended many imperial family members' lives prematurely. However, by the 4150s, Austin had to take on public duties as the heir apparent, though he never adopted the title of Crown Prince. His uncle died on the 14 July 4153 and Austin was proclaimed Emperor. His first decree was to end the practice of male-preference primogeniture; this had prevented Yvonne, Grand Princess, daughter of Amadeus from ascending to the throne. It also warranted the end of House Meera as the imperial house as his daughter; this was due to the fact that his heir apparent, Amelia, Crown Princess, had married into House Smyth. This would be the first change in the imperial dynasty since the end of the War of the Two Crowns.

Austin's reign has been characterized by his continued co-operation with the Great Reform Act. Austin established the Imperial Depute Council, to recommend people to the Monarch who were suitable for appointment to one of the ten seats of the sovereign deputies in the Chamber of Deputies. Austin did not not wish for his children to hold any governmental posts and he deviated from tradition of appointing the office of Lord Chamberlain to his heir apparent. Instead, he opted to appoint J.A. Middleton, first cousin of his wife, to the post. Middleton died in 4158 and was replaced in his position by Martjin Devinicus, son of Cecilia Meera, Princess Royal and Cedromar Devinicus, the heir to the throne of Ergalia. This decision was controversial and led to House Yalan denouncing the decision. Regardless, Austin proceeded with the appointment and cordial relations soon returned as Martjin Devinicus proved himself to be a skilled and charismatic diplomat.

Early life[edit]

Nymeria Huxley was admitted to the Imperial Sanctum Pediatric Unit around 23:15 on the 30 September 4101, Austin was born approximately 14 hours later, in the presence of his mother, father and his grandmother, Juliana Wester. Juliana at the time was Empress of Eroea and consort to Justinian III. Huxley was a daughter of a civil servant in the Imperial Exchequer, and his father, Edward Meera, was a brother of Amadeus II. Austin did not have a close relationship with his grandfather, largely due to his grandfather's preoccupation with governance. Austin was tutored from the age of five by Magda Jones, a former professor at the University of Benedictine; she is widely regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of her time. Jones tutored Austin full-time until March 4107, when he ceased attending her classes in the aftermath of his father's death. In September 4107, he resumed attending her classes on a part-time basis but by May 4113, Austin was uninterested in education and suffered severely from seasonal affective disorder. For the next 4 years he led a reclusive lifestyle on his family farm in Valenor Plains. During this time he wrote a number of poems and short stories, they were collated into a collection known as the Noble Tales of a Lowly Lord.

In September 4117, he resumed education after recovering from his disorder. He attended the Center of Educational Excellence in Benedictine upon the guidance of his former tutor, Magda Jones. He was also home-schooled by his mother too. He flourished in school in a wide variety of areas and in September 4121, he departed for the University of Benedictine to study medicine. He also rescinded his father's titles and his uncle, Amadeus, designated his brother, Nigel, as his father's successor. For the next 18 years he spent a large amount of his time in college, training to become a physician, then a surgeon, then finally a mathematician. Over the next 8 years, he earned doctorates in both quantum physics and philosophy, while working part time as a GP. He was considered by many to be the most intelligent member of the Imperial Family ever. His two main motivating factors were his grandmother and his wife.

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  • 1 August 4101 –
  • 14 July 4153 – present: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Austin