Autonomous Communities of Spain

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Autonomous Communities of Spain
Map of the Autonomous Communities of Spain.png
Category Autonomous administrative division
Location Flag of the Third Spanish Republic.png Spain
Created by Constitution of Spain
Created 2000
Number 13

An Autonomous Community of Spain is a first-level political and administrative division. Each autonomous community was created by the Constitution of Spain. Autonomous communities were established to act as administrative divisions for the new Third Republic and to let the country's numerous nationalities and cultures be represented in their own governments.

Autonomous communities work similarity to administrative divisions in Anglo-America, as each autonomous community is guaranteed its own separate executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and are entitled to representation in the Senate and Congress of Deputies. However, the federal government has the power and right to override laws and rulings in autonomous communities that contradict federal law. This has generated controversy, since it allows the incumbent government to force autonomous communities to support its agenda. Before the establishment of autonomous communities, Spain was ruled as a unitary state, with the national government assuming executive power over every region.

List of Autonomous Communities[edit]

Flag Autonomous
Capital Governor Legislature Population (2019)
Flag of Andalucía.svg Andalusia Seville Francisco de Salazar (PSD) Parliament of Andalusia 9,214,271
Flag of Catalonia.svg Catalonia Barcelona Charles Patra (CPP) Parliament of Catalonia 6,781,291
Flag of Castile and León.svg Castile and León Valladolid Oscar Quientez (UD) Parliament of Castile and León 4,261,901
Flag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid Capital Community Madrid Oscar Salvandor (PSD) Parliament of the Madrid Community 5,412,091
Flag of the Valencian Community (2x3).svg Valencia and La Mancha Valencia Antonio Guardo (PSD) Parliament of Valencia and La Mancha 7,679,109
Flag of Galicia.svg Galicia Santiago de Compostela Jaime Peñe (UD) Parliament of Galicia 3,012,819
Flag of Asturias.svg Asturias Oviedo Juan Carlos de Infante (UD) Parliament of Asturias 872,192
Flag of the Basque Country.svg Basque Country Vitoria-Gasteiz Elixane Sanchez (UNE) Parliament of the Basque Country 2,841,982
Bandera de Navarra.svg Navarre Pamplona Maximillian Demont (UD) Parliament of Navarre 401,210
Bandera de Aragón.svg Aragon Zaragoza Carlos Segura y Podemos (PSD) Parliament of Aragon 1,209,171
Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca Arno Catalon (PSD) Parliament of the Balearic Islands 289,212
Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Canary Islands Las Palmas Miguel Toranz (PI) Parliament of the Canary Islands 1,102,721
Merchant flag of Spanish Morocco.svg Spanish Morocco Ceuta Ahmed Amari-Diaz (PSD) Parliament of Spanish Morocco 1,000,832





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