Azanian invasion of Tanzania

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Azanian invasion of Tanzania
Part of War in Tanzania
Azanian invasion of Tanzania.png
TPDF military parade in Dar es Salaam (top-left); Azanian fighter jets performing sortie over Tanzania (top-right); Azanian troops driving into warzone (bottom-right); Tanzanian soldiers awaiting orders (bottom-left)
Date June 19, 2020 – June 24, 2020
(5 days)
Location Tanzania
Result Azanian victory; Tanzania annexed
 Azania Tanzania Tanzania
Commanders and leaders
Azania Joseph Durham III
Azania Lázaro dos Anjos
Azania Lt. Gen. Jules Winlock Sr.
Azania Maj. Gen. Henry Reed Jr.
Azania Maj. Gen. Alison Walmac
Azania Maj. Gen. Jerome Parker
Azania Maj. Gen. Álvaro Linhares Correia
Tanzania John Magufuli
Tanzania Hussein Mwinyi
Tanzania Venance Salvatory Mabeyo
Azania II Corps (Azanian Army)
130,000 combat personnel
954 main battle tanks
1,736 armored fighting vehicles
242 combat aircraft

Azania VII Airborne Corps (Azanian Army)
69,500 combat personnel
134 combat aircraft

199,500 combat personnel
954 main battle tanks
1,736 armored fighting vehicles
376 combat aircraft
Tanzania Tanzania People's Defence Force
27,000 active personnel
80,000 reserve personnel
42 main battle tanks
50 armored fighting vehicles
14 combat aircraft
Casualties and losses
33 dead
476 wounded
(Azanian claim)
500 dead
7,500 wounded
(Tanzanian claim)
450 dead
4,000 wounded
(Tanzanian claim)
4,118 dead
6,000 wounded
28,000 captured
(Azanian claim)

The Azanian invasion of Tanzania was an military offensive unilaterally waged by Azania in 2020. The public aims of the invasion as claimed by the government of Azania were to punish the Tanzanian government for harboring terrorists, failing to sustain an acceptable standard of living for its citizens, and promoting or passively supporting totalitarian ideologies on the continent of Africa. The primary goal of Azania was to occupy and incorporate Tanzania into its own territory, and provide a safe and equitable lifestyle to the Tanzanian people. The Azanian government sent some 200,000 troops into Tanzania with the objective of overthrowing the national government of president John Magufuli, as well as arresting and trying all members of the National Assembly in the country. The war itself was not approved by the League of Nations, with Azania being the only nation involved in prosecuting the invasion of Tanzania.

Various polls within Azania had shown that approximately 78% of Azanians support the war effort, with the view of military intervention being the most viable solution to what the public believed to be a litany of failures on the part of the Tanzanian government. It was believed by many within Azania, however, that the war was largely political, an attempt to curry favor with the public ahead of the 2020 presidential election taking placing in October. Elsewhere, the invasion of Tanzania had been strongly opposed on the international level, with virtually all nations voicing their disapproval of the conflict, and requesting that a diplomatic solution to the issues raised by Azania be pursued. However, none of these nations offered any form of political, financial, or military support to Tanzania in spite of their objections. Following their initial objections, most nations avoided directly criticizing Azania on the matter so as to preserve their diplomatic favor and status with the country.