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Büyüksarayı evvel.jpg
Büyüksarayı from the top.
General information
Type Resort-cum-Palace (2020-)
Architectural style Early Roman, Ottoman
Location Zimbre Ceziresı, Kartaca Vilayet, Ifrikiye
Construction started 2014
Completed 2 December 2019
Cost approx. 3m IFP
Client Damat Frenk Cevat Bey (claimed)
Atsız I (alleged)
Owner Aynur Resorts
Krahn Resorts
Reschitz Steelworks
Design and construction
Architect Mimar Vâkıf, Aaron Leibowitz

Büyüksarayı (Osmanlıca: بويوک سرايى, Arabic: القصر الكبير and English: The Great Palace) located on the Zimbre Ceziresı in Kartaca Vilayet of Ifrikiye is a palace open to visitors and owned in partnership by Aynur Resorts, Krahn Resorts and Reschitz Steelworks.


Damat Frenk Cevat Bey is a Parisian buisnessman, Son-in-law to the Osmanoğlu Hanedanı and owner of Aynur Resorts (claimed)
Atsız I (alleged)

Büyüksarayı was officially intended to be a tourist resort on the Zimbre Island. However, recent research have shown that it was initially designed to be a palace. Further, Damat Frenk Cevat Bey who owns stakes in the Büyüksarayı is an extended family member of the Osmanoğlu Hanedanı by marriage. Also, few rooms of the resort are inaccessible to the public.The project was realized by architects Mimar Vâkıf and Aaron Leibowitz. While, steel and other raw materials were provided by Reschitz Steelworks. The project was jointly worked upon by Aynur Resorts and Krahn Resorts.

The Ifrikiyelı company Aynur Resorts is owned by Damat Frenk Cevat Bey, while Sierran-Banatian company Krahn Resorts is owned by the now-estranged Georg von der Bellen. The construction cost three million IFP and the project took 5 years to complete. The palace was opened to the public on New Year's Eve.

Design and layout[edit]

Büyüksarayı is the largest palace in Ifrikiye and whole of Africa. It is located on the 400m high Zimbre Island and hence one of the highest palaces in the world.

The design contains early Roman, Ottoman elements blended with traditional Arab architecture to create a new synthesis. Functionally, on the other hand, the palace retains elements of traditional Ifrikiyelı palace.

Décor and equipment[edit]

The Büyüksarayı is extensively decorated with gold and crystal. Fourteen tonnes of gold were used to gild the ceilings. The collection also includes paintings by Maria Desylla-Kapodistria (Meryem Sultan), Jean-Léon Gérôme, Eugène Fromentin, Stanisław Chlebowski, Félix Ziem, Karl Joseph Kuwasseg, Fausto Zonaro, Théo van Rysselberghe, Alexander Sandor Svoboda and the former Sadrazam Grand Vizier Cihangiriyelu Yusuf Hamdi Paşa.


Hall room[edit]

Hammam room[edit]

Central room[edit]

Meclis room[edit]

Yatak Gurfesı (Chambers)[edit]

Adjacent buildings[edit]

A clock tower (Büyüksarayı Saat Burcesı) was erected in front of the Palace's entrance. The tower was completely built by Aaron Leibowitz and the material was provided by the Reschitz Steelworks.