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Not to be confused as Mariana.

Independent Pacific State of South Mariana

Flag of BBMhenggay/sandbox/1
Motto: (Love the Country, Love the People)
Anthem: (God Bless the South Mariana Islands)
Map of south mariana.png
Capital Maisa
Largest city Sangan
Official languages Chamorro, Carolinian, Filipino
Recognised regional languages Dunemese, Lanumi, Platano
Ethnic groups
Current constitution
Demonym(s)  South Mariana Islander
Government    Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
•      President
Adreanna Bugayong
•      Prime Minister
Francisco Matuna
Legislature       National Assembly
      House of Councilors
      House of Delegates
  from Spain and United States
• Spanish East Indies
• South Mariana First Republic
• Japanese occupation in South Mariana
• Insular Government of Southern Mariana Islands
• Commonwealth of Southern Marania Islands
• South Mariana Second Republic
• Current constitution
• 2019 estimate
1,981,632 (148th)
• 2019 census
• Density
120/km2 (310.8/sq mi)
Currency South Mariana peso (SMR)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side left
Calling code +64
ISO 3166 code   SMR
Internet TLD  .smr

South Mariana, officially the Independent Pacific State of South Mariana is an archipelagic country in Pacific Ocean. It is located southernmost of Mariana Archipelago but the country doesn't include the island of Guam. It consists of 19 island groups that are categorized broadly under the three main geographical divisions named: Durem, Lanu and Sapet. The capital city is Maisa and most populous city is Sangan.

It was a territory of Spanish East Indies in 1565 until 1898. After Spanish-American War, Guam were sold to the United States but the northern part of archipelago were sold to Germany. It was also attempt that southern part of archipelago were also sold to Germany but some people didn't agree because they want independence. During World War II, it became a Japanese territory following the loss of South Mariana in Battle of Maisa. After the surrender of Japanese soldiers, it became a territory of the United States and it declared independence in 1962.

Federal states[edit]

Flag State Capital city Provinces Map
flag of durem Durem Sangan Ayanga (Sta. Maria)
Durem Province (Salinas)
Lupmam (Ikuta)
Mahangan (Ankattan)
Sangan (Sangan)
flag of fcs Federal Capital State Maisa No provinces ???
flag of lanu Lanu Menuri Falan (Menuri)
Maisa Province (Talina)
Papaguna (Caluyan)
Sakatun (Hafeti)
Tagusu (Chapa)
flag of sapet Sapet Bunbon Dangaw (Bunas)
Ibanag (Catarman)
Iguha (Bunbon)
Nalahing (Ngayang)
Yagalu (Igacos)

Map of South Mariana[edit]


Television networks[edit]

Major television networks:

State-owned television networks:

Minor television networks:

Music recording labels[edit]

Major record labels:

  1. Alaw Records
  2. Lily Records
  3. Pola Records
  1. MCA Music South Mariana
  2. Oriental Records
  3. Terra Records
  1. Citrus Records
  2. Luna Records
  3. Ragat Records

Political parties[edit]

Logo Name Founded
ppsm logo Progressive Party 1902
npp logo National People's Party 1924
sdp logo Social Democratic Party 1939
ucp logo United Citizen's Party 1947
dap logo Democratic Action Party 1953
nup logo National Unity Party 1957
pnrp logo People's National Reform Party 1959
ran logo Republican Alliance of the Nation 1973
fjp logo Freedom and Justice Party 1988
gpsm logo Green Party 2001