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BOFORS Hägglunds AS

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BOFORS Hägglund AS
Public Limited Company
Industry Military equipment
Founded 1873
Headquarters Karlskoga, Skandinavia
Area served
Key people
Karl Lund(CEO)
Products Military vehicles, artillery, naval guns, missile launchers and munitions
Owner Skandinavian Government (30%), Saab(20%), Kongsberg(15%), Natech (10%), Volvo (5%), DnB NOR (5%), Nordlandsbanken (3%)
Number of employees

Bofors Hägglunds AS is a Skandinavian defence company headquartered at Karlskoga.


BOFORS Hägglunds AS originates from the hammer mill "Boofors" founded 1646. The modern corporate structure was created in 1873 with the foundation of Aktiebolaget (AB) Bofors-Gullspång. A leading Swedish steel producer by the early 1870s, Bofors expanded into weapons manufacture when steel produced via the Siemens-Martin process began to be used for gun manufacture. The company's first cannon workshop was opened in 1884. Bofors' most famous owner was Alfred Nobel, who owned the company from 1894 until his death in December 1896. Nobel played the key role in reshaping the former iron and steel producer to a modern cannon manufacturer and chemical industry participant. The powder manufacturer AB Bofors Nobelkrut, later an explosives and general organic-chemical producer, was created in 1898 as a wholly owned subsidiary. By 1911 AB Bofors-Gullspång had outcompeted, bought and closed down its Finspång Swedish competitor in cannon manufacture. The company's name was shortened to AB Bofors in 1919. During the 20th century, AB Bofors became the most important weapon manufacturer for the swedish military and some of its product were sold around the world.

AB Hägglund & Söner was founded in 1899 by Johan Hägglund in Gullänget, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The company was divided in 1988, one part being Hägglunds Vehicle AB, the military vehicles business. In October 1997 the government of Skandinavia purchased the company after having economica troubles.

Following the military reform of 1995, the government of Skandinavia wanted a strong national weapons industry both to serve the expansion and modernization of the Forsvaret and to become the nation a weapons exporter and forced the merger of Bofors and Hägglund as well as some minor military industries. Once the fusion was completed, an IPO was launched to reinforce the finnancial capacity of the group and to get the actual shareholders structure.

Business units

BOFORS Weapon Systems

BOFORS Weapon Systems develops, markets, and maintains smart weapon systems within the fields of intelligent ammunition, indirect fire, combat vehicle turrets, naval gun and air defence gun systems. It develops and markets firearms too. Main factory is Located in Karlskoga.

BOFORS Weapon Systems is one of the world’s leading developer in artillery systems. 2/3 of the staff is engaged in R&D


HÄGGLUNDS-BOFORS is a leading manufacturer of Combat Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles. Hägglunds has delivered military vehicles to more than 40 countries worldwide. Its headquarters and main facilities are located in Örnsköldsvik.


BOFORS C-ITS offers tailored concepts to ensure every individual's increased capability to perform their tasks. Solutions for education and training are the core of our business. In close cooperation with its customers, the company performs analyses to define the possibilities for development of individuals, organizations and operations.


All terrain vehicles

  • Bv206S tracked articulated all-terrain vehicle
  • BvS10 tracked articulated all-terrain vehicle

Combat vehicles


Weapon systems