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The Babylon is a science fantasy universe that is divided into historical eras, from the past to today's era and into the future. For example the Zon Ghoul war which takes place in the present era where a race of engineered parasites intend on taking control of the galaxy. Here you can take roles in whatever you choose and what role your in.

Governments/Nations[edit | edit source]

Sha'dahl Empire[edit | edit source]

The Sha'dahl Empire is one of the three major ruling governments of the Milky Way galaxy, the two are the Elemental Ascendance and the Thihilem Republic. It is a oldest stellar empire, founded by the Sha'dahls millions of years ago after evolving from the earliest of their civilization left Taul'ra (earth) and migrated to Fol Taul'ra as it later became the capital world of Sha'dahl Empire. Over millions of years after their species recovered the Sha'dahls begin expanding their newly born empire over the first handfu of systems, the planets they seeded with life from their homeworld evolved into sentient life and made them as gods in their religion and willingly joined the Sha'dahl empire.

States[edit | edit source]

Sol Confederacy[edit | edit source]

Lemurian Empire[edit | edit source]

A sub-race of humans with enhanced abilities. Once a great empire on Earth thousands of years was now living in refuge in Pellucidar for safety and hide from the Humans and other races, they had a long term distrust with most of the Djinn.

Hollow Earth Kingdom

A subterrain empire ruled by the reptillian race, the Djinn are the oldest and most advanced sentient race on Earth, they co-exist with the Lemurians and like them they share their mistrust over the growth of their territories. Especially the humans that are slowy poisoning the planet they share.

Kronan Ree Tribes[edit | edit source]

A shapechanging race of human genus who secretly live among humans, for a long time since they have strong hatred for the humans for their years of hunting them, wiping out species for years and wars many thought were myths. They once hold a powerful empire that rivalled the British Empire which was destroyed by unknown event, they blamed humans for their jealousy. They are divided into tribes from all the continents. (except for north and southern poles)

Elemental Ascendance

Thihilem Republic[edit | edit source]

Elelmental Ascendance[edit | edit source]

The Elemental Ascendance an interstellar government, one of the three largest stellar powers in the galaxy. The Ascendance was founded by the Elemenals around 960,000 B.C.E The soul purpose of the Ascendancy is to spread their spiritual unity to all races in the galaxy, understand the true nature of the universe and teach the younger races of respect what is different and embrace it, similiar to the other Great Elders.

Thihilem Republic[edit | edit source]

Kal-Dolra Clan Nation[edit | edit source]

Dreh'ka Technocracy[edit | edit source]

A government run by incredibly advanced artifficial and synthetic intelligence.

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