Benjamin Grant 2020 gubernatorial campaign

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Benjamin Grant 2020 gubernatorial campaign
Campaigned for 2020 San Francisco gubernatorial election

Benjamin Grant

  • Leader of the San Fran Royalist Party (2014-Present)
  • SF Assembly Minority Leader (2015-Present)
Affiliation Royalist Party
Status Announced: March 18th, 2019
Headquarters Woodside, San Francisco
Slogan Make San Francisco Great Again

The 2020 gubernatorial campaign of Benjamin Grant, the Minority Leader of the San Francisco Provincial Assembly and leader of the San Francisco Royalist Party, was formally announced on March 18th, 2019. The announcement made headways for the surprising gains made by Benjamin Grant during the 2017 gubernatorial election in which he won 37% of the vote and won most of the smaller towns and settlements outside of the more urban and left-leaning cities and settlements of San Francisco.

In his announcement speech, Grant addressed what he called the "silent few" in reference towards the more conservative and right-leaning inhabitants of San Francisco who he believed were "culturally shunned and suppressed" by the province's left-leaning cultural and political establishment. In his speech, he said he would not only represent the Bluecoat Styxers, but also all citizens of the province from the small town citizens to the residents of the major urban centers. He was the first Royalist Party candidate to join the race and is set to run against Lieutenant Governor Indira Johannesen of the Democratic-Republican Party.


Benjamin Grant first entered into the political scene in 2014 when he ran in the 2014 San Francisco Royalist Party leadership election. He ran on a platform of what he called "new age conservatism" and "Sierran traditionalism" and ran against incumbent party leader Jackson Albert Lee and conservative journalist Tucker Carlson. Grant ultimately won and was sworn in not long after the election. In 2015 he was elected the Minority Leader of the San Francisco Provincial Assembly following that year's provincial legislative election which saw major gains for the San Francisco Social Democrats and Greens. Grant himself stood out due to his ideology and philosophy being in stark contrast to the largely liberal progressive and social democratic leaning political nature and culture of San Francisco which earned him controversy from young voters and praise from Royalist voters living in smaller rural communities.


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