Bernheim Deltas

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Bernheim Deltas
Bernheim Deltas.png
League Western League (Sierran)
Location Bernheim, San Joaquin, Sierra
Ballpark SteelYard Park
Year founded 1903
Nickname(s) "Second Sons"
World Series championships 1908, 1987, 2007
Former ballparks Landon Field
Colors Black, White, Green
Ownership University of Sierra 51%
SteelYard Bank 29%
City of Bernheim 20%

The Bernheim Deltas are a Sierran professional baseball team based in Bernheim, San Joaquin. The Deltas participate in the Conference Baseball Association (CBA) as a member of the Western League (WL), Sierran Division. Established in 1902, the Bernheim Delta's was the first professional baseball team east of the Mississippi River and the first team in the Kingdom of Sierra. The Delta's originally played at the Landon Field at the University of Sierra, Bernheim, but would later relocate to SteelYard Park, the third largest stadium in Sierra.

The Deltas have won three World Series games, 14 Western League pennants. Bernhiem's primary source for professional players come from the Minor League Baseball teams of San Joaquin Queens of Okalona and the Sacramento River Cats.

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