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Bianca Venegas
Venegas in 1997
4th President of the Republic of Berima
In office
1st January 2012 – 1st January 2016
Preceded by Ignacio Muños
Succeeded by Carlos Riviero
Prime Minister Javier Cazalla (2014-2016)
Sophie Tamayo (2010-2014)
Speaker of the Senate
In office
1st January 2006 – 22nd September 2010
Preceded by Olivia Verdad
Succeeded by Noel Límon Cruz
Ambassador to Russia
In office
1st January 2000 – 22nd September 2004
President Salvador Ortega
Preceded by Isidora Arias
Succeeded by Nacho Saelices
Mayoress of Cibia
In office
1st January 1984 – 1st October 1998
Preceded by Eduardo Elez
Succeeded by Sabrina Mina
Personal details
Born (1947-11-06) November 6, 1947 (age 73)
Cibia coa.png Cibia, Berima
Nationality Berriman
Political party Commie berima.jpg Communist Party of Berima (1984-1988)
Pcc1.jpg PCC (1988-2016)
GNC.jpg GNC (2016-Present)
Spouse(s) Octavio Mercado (1971-1989)
Stephen Oscar (1992-present)
Children Catalina, Gerardo, Noelle
Alma mater Princeton University
Profession Politician, businesswoman
Religion Roman Catholic

Bianca Valencia Valdez Venegas (born 6 November 1947) is a Berriman businesswoman and conservative politician who served as the fourth president of the Republic of Berima. To date she is the only member of a conservative political party (PCC) to hold the office of president. Her presidency ended in scandal in 2016 with the collapse of the PCC and the succession of APSD candidate Carlos Riviero to the presidency.

Born in Cibia, CBR to a high standing family within the Berriman Communist Party, Venegas excelled in her studies and graduated with a doctorate in psychology from Princeton University. She privately practiced as a licensed Spanish-language psychologist in the United States for several years before relocating back to Berima and successfully running for the office of mayor of her hometown. of Cibia. She originally held the position under communist rule but retained her office after the fall of communism and the birth of the new Republic of Berima in 1988 until becoming special ambassador to Russia in 2000 under president Salvador Ortega. Following the succession of Ignacio Muñoz to the presidency Venegas was promoted to Speaker of the Berriman Senate in 2006 until 2010 when she relinquished the position to focus on her presidential bid.

Venegas successfully won the presidency in 2012, marking the first time in the history of the Republic of Berima a candidate from a conservative-leaning party had been elected president. She served only one term from 2012 to 2016 before the discovery of her involvement with the 2016 PCC political espionage scandal and the dissolution of the party forced her to relinquish the office shortly before the 2016 elections, marking the first and only time a president in Berima has been removed before serving a full term in office.

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