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In the Lamprosea galaxy, a Bioelectrostimulant (commonly abbreviated to BES or Electrostim) is any substance which enhances the natural electrophysiological potential of an individual organism. Electrostims can be artificial or natural in nature, although as of 2420, the only place where natural electrostims can be found are in the Old Rim Dust Cloud of Solar Union space and the Virgo Dust Cloud between Agarian and Nattetor space.

Natural electrostims are used by Humans and Nattetors to enhance their natural bioelectrochemical abilities, allowing for a number of abilities which those species are not naturally capable of. In Humans, electrostims are known to strengthen neurons, activate the Cryptochrome protein CRY2, and allow for hyper-gamma wave brain activity. This combination of reactions allows for the use of various activities previously believed to be magical in nature, most commonly telepathy, psychokinesis, and electromancy. As Nattetors naturally possess a form of telepathic communication, in them, this ability is greatly enhanced, along with the other aforementioned effects, so much so that some historical Nattetors were known to be capable of shifting the Electromagnetic field of entire planets. Some other species are capable of using natural electrostims to a similar albeit reduced effect, such as the Magnoculans, although the life-shortening properties of the substance has led to a strong cultural taboo against its use. Additionally, species from homeworlds with naturally weak electromagnetic fields, such as Candentians, or with more limited natural bioelectrochemistry, like the Agarians and Cornuutians, are not able to utilize any natural electrostims.

Artificial electrostims are the chemically engineered variety of natural electrostims. The highly complex chemical compounds and seemingly emergent properties of the natural variety are extremely difficult to emulate, and as a result, artificial electrostims can heighten the severity of the substance's side-effects. Notably, artificial electrostims are widely used throughout the Candentian Confederacy as a psychoactive drug; where the natural variety induces feelings of euphoria and visions of electromagnetic fields, the artificial variety has an effect believed to be at least ten times at potent. Further, like natural electrostims, artificial electrostims are extremely addictive, with withdrawal effects so severe that some people have been known to be driven to suicide to avoid further feelings of pain. The combination of these factors has seen a complete ban on artificial electrostim development in IPO space, where even natural electrostims have come under intense regulation.

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