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Bluecoat Styxers

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Flag of Royalist and Jacobite minority within the Styxie.

Bluecoat Styxers, commonly known as the Bluecoats or the Crowned Styxers, is a term used to refer to a minority group of Styxers who are either in favor and supportive of or at least accept the legitimacy of the Sierran monarchy in contrast to the pro-republican culture and nature of the Styxie. The term is usually referred towards the visible Jacobite minority that lives within the Styxie, but also includes more conservative-leaning members of the Democratic-Republican who hold views unorthodox towards the culture of the Styxie and of the DRPS as a whole. The term was first voiced by Daniel McComb prior to running for Prime Minister in reference towards what he viewed as a "silent minority" in the Styxie that could lead the Royalists to victory. In recent times, the term has been popularized due to its usage by San Francisco Opposition Leader, Benjamin Grant, who claims that such group exists in all of the Styxie provinces and could break years of Democratic-Republican and leftist dominance in the provinces.


The term bluecoat refers to the color blue made by mixing the colors of cyan and magenta/purple, both of which are colors of the Democratic-Republican and Royalist Parties respectively and is also used to refer to Styxers who lean towards the Royalists on the political spectrum in contrast to the pro-Democriatc-Republican and liberal nature of the Styxie provinces as a whole. The word coat refers to how such Styxers hide their views due to the fear of being socially ostracized from society for holding unpopular views, mainly support for the monarchy and the ruling House of Columbia, both of which are largely despised and opposed by the majority of Styxers due to the prevalence of republicanism in the region. The majority of pro-monarchist Styxers are members of the Jacobite community and have historically held pro-monarchist views despite of and in response towards the pro-republican sentiment of the Styxie and years of hate crimes, negative stigma, and violence committed against Jacobites by radical republicans, now commonly known as dissident republicans.


Sierran Jacobites

Sierran Jacobites make up a significant portion of the bluecoat voters due to their pro-monarchist nature. Historically and currently, Jacobites hold avid pro-monarchist positions and support for the monarchy is prominent among Jacobite thought, culture and especially their values which influences how they vote, mainly for Royalist Party officials. Jacobites are a minority within the Styxie, but are a sizable minority with at least 21-24% of the total Styxie population identifying as Jacobites with the largest diaspora based in Santa Clara and the Central Valley with both provinces having Jacobite populations as high as 27% in Santa Clara and 23% in the Central Valley. While Jacobites vote for Royalist politicians, they're also on record of voting for Democratic-Republican politicians that are part of the New Democratic-Republicans and/or are generally pro-monarchist or hold moderate views on the monarchy and oppose or lack support for abolition. Because of this, Jacobites are categorized as part of the bluecoat Styxers.


Many non-Jacobites have been called Bluecoats because despite not being Jacobites, they adhere to the same or similar ideology and political views of the Jacobite minority in general. Mainly adhering to more socially conservative views, largely supportive of the monarchy and opposed to or critical of the republican movement, especially dissident republicans. Demographically speaking non-Jacobite bluecoats are mostly White Sierrans aged 45 and over centered in the more rural areas of the Styxie and many communities that were negatively affected during The Disturbances by dissident republican militias.


Bluecoat Styxers tend to be one of the most religious groups in the Styxie and are a contrast to other Styxers in that the bluecoats tend to be more consistent with their religiosity while the rest of the Styxie is not with many analysts citing the differing and often contradicting rates of religiosity and adherence in the Styxie as evidence of the region having a balkanized identity. In general bluecoats tend to be Roman Catholics or Protestant with the most common protestant denominations being evangelicalism, methodism and New Anglicanism. Religion tends to have a greater influence in the lives of bluecoat Styxers in contrast to the rest of the Styxie where religion has limited influence at most due to religiosity declining since the late 1960s. The high rates of religiosity and the close proximity of areas in the Styxie where bluecoats are the most present make up what is known as the Bible Belt in the region.


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